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First off, many thanks to all the people who expressed interest, joined and I got to speak directly with for the coaching program.

If you missed this chance to join the life changing mentorship no worries, I’ll be announcing another program in a few months!

The most fun was actually speaking to people directly. It was also instructive!

One question that came up from a large group of people was the issue of “time management” and that is the subject of today’s email.

I can say unequivocally that time management is often not the real issue.

The real issue is energy management!

Universally when we dig down into this people are trying to get more and more done with less and less time. It’s almost like they are looking for what I call an “Instagram Fix”. This entails rapid results, entertainment or at least some kind of emotional stimulation that makes people feel alive and worthwhile. It also means the ability to process everything rapidly and move on to the next thing.

Herein lies the rub as Shakespeare would say.

People forget the real world is not the cyber world and the real or shall we say our 3D world operates by a different set of principles. And unless and until you can “will” something into being you are stuck with the limiting nature of physical properties. That includes time sinks and constraints.


Bottom line: Some things take time and drain your energy if they take too much!

So here are Dr Dave’s 6 Principles for getting stuff done”

  1. If you’ve never done it allow at least 3x as much time as you think it should take! You will be far less frustrated and it will not drain your energy trying to rush through something that is not going your way. If it works out better then you have “extra time”!
  2. A corollary: If something takes “too long” put it down and take note of the problem and let the subconscious mind give you an answer, provided it’s not a life or death thing!
  3. Most people underestimate the amount of time something is going to take and base it on prior experience or a best-case scenario.
  4. Many people underestimate the difficulties involved in something seemingly simple and basic and this drains their energy when things don’t work out.
  5. Many people underestimate how much energy they need to do something. This of course is mitigated by sleep quality, nutrition and mental state as well as how much “real” energy you have.
  6. Full focus gets things done better, plain and simple. Flitting around form undone thing to undone thing is an Energy Leak you cannot afford!

Here is how I handle the issue of REAL energy. First, I set my sights on 3 things a day.

Yep just 3!

One is essential and often related to work or financial needs. Next is something that is FUN. A day without at least some FUN is not a productive day. Finally, the last thing on the list is a self improvement thing. It can be physical or mental but it is developing me in the direction I want.

Everything else is gravy and most days I have Plan B for failed Plan A’s which can become Plan A or B for the next day.

So simple!

I also make daily use of my ATP based supplement Energy X MAXX or more specifically the Energy Pack that contains it.

It’s very satisfying to have an awareness of what is actually feasible to get done. The sense of control and achievement however ego based it may be is pretty cool, especially in a world where people feel so powerless!

I have an answer.

Take back your power and get stuff done!!!


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