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A few weeks ago, I mentioned a letter I got from the local medical authorities that are apparently taking umbrage with my statements about the past and current status of our pandemic.

It was a friendly reminder that anything I might say that does not sit well may be considered “misinformation” and subject me to seizure of my license and Board status.

To be clear I have stated on numerous occasions that I am not taking the vaccine at this juncture for the reasons of: I am not personally satisfied with the clarity of the data and what I feel is an often unstable and changing direction of said data. I did not say I would never take the vaccine nor did I ever tell you not to get it. As always, the best advice should come from your personal physician.

I also recently stated that I am not taking the vaccine personally because I have already had Covid. It is not misinformation to quote the study of nearly 2500 people tested that recently showed that natural or what is often called “herd” immunity is superior (significantly so) to what is conferred by the vaccine. It is not misinformation to ask the readers of studies to look at the actual age group that is being quoted for vaccine efficacy and compare that to the actual numbers of people in that group that get sick, and or die. It is not misinformation to note that this virus like all other respiratory viruses does kill more sick and elderly people that young healthy people, outliers notwithstanding.

It is not misinformation to tell you what my emergency room doc friend told me earlier and that is that a large number of people who are sick in the intensive care unit with Covid and other illnesses have not been vaccinated. In this group it would be a natural conclusion to assume that the vaccine saves lives.

It is not misinformation to tell you that there are some troubling data involving the anti-body development and breakthrough infections with the vaccine although its important to point out that none of these infections in the specific study I reference ended in fatality.

It is not misinformation to tell you that in a single family Covid can have very different effects in those that test positive. Some people will not TEST positive. Some people in the same family can be lambasted and prostrated (please note the “r”!) while a spouse or other member(s) may have no or minimal symptoms.

So far, the most troubling thing I have seen and the thing that makes me question the original of the virus is the often severe neuropsychiatric effects. All viruses cross the blood brain barrier. None that I have ever experienced cause this much mental and mood discord. You may have noted the stats on suicides. Of concern is that this virus may be minimally or not symptomatic in a huge majority of people who contract it (in time we will all be exposed!). I personally think anyone with an acute worsening in their psychiatric status should be tested for Covid, limitations of the test again notwithstanding.

It is not misinformation to tell you that individual states are very serious about having doctors subscribe and practice by the “standard” of care which no longer involves physician judgement or input to the degree it used to when I stated practicing. The names of docs who violate the rules and are punished are published multiple places as are those who have been warned. In most cases I have seen there is an ancillary reason involving other mistreatments by said doctor that are often not directly related to the virus practice- in other words they are looking for “dirty laundry”.

It is not misinformation to remind you that I have been investigated by an alphabet agency and though not prosecuted or found guilty of anything it’s a fair bet I’m on the radar somewhere.

Its not untrue that NAC and Silymarin- 2 ingredients in <<<<<The Immortality Edge Packs>>>> were removed by several major supplement suppliers. It is unclear whether the serendipitous occurrence of them being found helpful at about the same time the powers that be warned that using Ivermectin is malpractice and dangerous has anything to do with it. After all this could all be a coincidence, right?

We can all watch as this plays out.

The more we see the research unfold, most of it not brought up into the mainstream the more I’m convinced that acute Covid and long Covid sequelae are related to the damage caused by inflammation.

I feel really good about providing a superior Fish Oil and the Immortality Edge Packs as well as the essential oil based products and my Immune Booster.

I must inform you that nothing I have said or make is FDA approved and none of this is medical advice.

I think you get it- I hope so!

I wish you the Best in health and urge you to prepare for more economic and social discord related to this and other things that are- to someone occasionally clairvoyant – very clear.

Rather than being scared or immobilized it would be a wise move to invest in your best health.

Keep your weight under control, try to eat well, sleep well and exercise just right. Recall that in a recent study of middle aged people mortality correlated with the number of steps a day (10,000 was not the standard- 8000 was!).

Do everything you can within reason.

Dr Dave

PS by the time you read this a Fresh Batch of Telokynase 2.0 will be on its way so the supply chain issues on that product have been solved- for the moment.

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