Maximizing Your Energy

Maximizing your energy was the topic of last night’s telecon now available to hear at <<<<<<link to telecon>>>>.

We talked a lot about the role of mitochondria in aging, energy, recovery fatigue and of course my favorite topic, telomeres!

As part of the telecon I introduced the first new product in a while and the first in the “Energy Series” specifically designed for mitochondrial health <<<<<<<<Mito QE>>>>>>>>. As reminder this product is currently on special limited time only introductory pricing so act now and start boosting your energy.

I will not be able to keep it at these levels for very long though so <<< order now>>> and take advantage of the special offer. As always continuity/subscription improves your savings even more!

Some of the other topics covered were the next series of products which should arrive at various times this year, my continued stem cell and telomere research, and a new wealth attraction mastermind.

I’ll update you on all those in the coming weeks.

In the meantime Happy Halloween and thanks again for all your support!

More to come!!!!!

Dr Dave

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