The Enemy At The Gates: Inflamation

When we look at aging objectively there are a few common themes. At the head of the class is inflammation.

Indeed, inflammation seems to guaranteed for anyone over 40. Its not just external factors like EM from all the electronic devices, poorer air quality, poorer water quality and lousy diet with nutritionally poorer food, there is an internal change in our body as well.

No one is sure which is the chicken and which is the egg here but it is clear that those genes that are responsible for more inflammation are “turned on” and those that suppress it are turned off.

I have searched long and hard for the answer but frankly I am more interested in the result- suppressing that inflammation that seems to be a body wide attack.

The most important things you can do involved maintaining a higher level of an essential oil, Omega 3 as compared to your Omega 6 fats. Now a while back someone tried to get fish oil certified as an anti- inflammatory compound. The powers that be denied this “claim” because the standard way of measuring known as ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) was actually zero for fish oil.

This is a classic case of people in power not knowing anything about what they are regulating. Fish oil does indeed have no direct free radical suppression. It is however the “Master Switch” of the entire anti-inflammatory cascade. Another way of saying this is it’s the beginning not the end, but without beginning you cannot get to the end.

So, in this battle against the Enemy at the Gates- Inflammation, it is the biggest most important weapon you can harness.

Now what about the role of the so-called known anti-oxidants like Vitamin E, Curcumin, Bromelain etc. etc.?

Well, coupled with co factors such as B vitamins, zinc, selenium, magnesium and the like these guys form the actual soldiers. But an army without a general is defeated quickly.

Fish oil is the general!

Young Life Daily is the generals’ army.

You need them both to fight and win this battle against what will soon be recognized as a disease- Aging!

Fight it to win!


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