How to Get 48 Hours out of a 24-Hour Day-Tips on How to Expand Time!

Do you remember my old product Instant Endurance?

It was released in 2003 and lived about 10 years before growing raw material costs made it unsustainable.

I always liked that product because it was, like MITO QE a non-caffeinated alternative to cranking up your energy. The 3 ingredients were at the time revolutionary and no one had ever combined them- Rhodiola, Cordyceps, and Elutherococcus.

By now I am sure imitations exist and people have copied the formula but back in the day…

So, I got to thinking about the original tag line “Get 48 hours out of Your 24-Hour Day”.

Now of course those in my audience who think literally or litigiously will scream “THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE”!

Its true I have not yet learned how to expand time, and if I did it would probably start out as a really really big pill LOL.

But what does “create” time?

Here are a few things that “expand” time for me and will most likely help you out big time if your goal is to get more done.

1) Preview and forget- Sleep is a critical and critically lacking part of most our days but a good night’s sleep will really make you more efficient. I will have something to help you with that very soon but that is for another day! Try a simple preview of what you want to get done the next day before you do fall asleep. CAUTION: only do this if you are NOT a ruminator- someone who goes over thoughts over and over again. That will interfere with your sleep. The goal is to sit this list in your sub conscious mind and then forget about it. Trust me it will be there.

2) Make an actual list. Geez this is incredibly easy and efficient and works like gang busters! Even if you have to shuffle things around add or subtract etc., it gives you a road map.

3) Don’t try to be 100% efficient. If you are a creative type like me you will get bored of regimentation really fast. What I do is what body builders used to call a “Cheat Day”. That referred to diet but my cheat day refers to taking a break from organized tasks and doing what you feel like only. One out of every 5-7 days is a great way not to get obsessed or stressed by how much you didn’t get done. You NEVER get it all done.

4) Know your work patters. I am a Fractal kind of guy which means in this case, I work in waves. I work hard for a few days, get lots done then chill for a day or two recharging the batteries before I have a crack at it again. Blessings to you if you can grind it out day in and day out- I have learned I am not that efficient if I do that. You may be different but know yourself!

Now we come to the center point of this email. What might you do to make all your work more efficient- in short what is the key number one Time Expander.


If you can expand your mental or physical energy when others flag you will be a phenomenon among humans! You will get twice as much done as they/you normally do and in a very practical sense expand your day and your achievements by a factor of 2!!!!

That is why I made Mito QE to increase your efficiency of energy generation right at the source.

I intend to live a long healthy life and by all accounts I am on my way. This particular supplement is a must for anyone like YOU and me who wants more out of the day.

And more out of life!

Get some now and watch your days transform!




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