Oral Energy Supplementation Report- One Month Out

 It may seem strange for me to be giving you a 30 day report on my oral Energy Supplement Energy MAX X but the truth is this is actually the first full month I’ve had the product to use non stop.
Of course there are always iterations and trials of the iterations but I have learned that the end game is always “How does the finished product perform off the line!”  In this case the production line.
1)      Improved Endurance
2)      Improved Strength especially explosive strength
3)      Decreased recovery time and increased time to fatigue
These are the bench marks I was looking for with the off the line product.
I am happy to say that all of the above have been met in objective fashion as measured by absolute strength increases and endurance increases.
The most shocking thing was the speed-e.g. one month.  In the month that I have been taking this product I have, especially in endurance, gained what normally would have taken 3 months of solid training to achieve.
Now here is the interesting part and you could interpret this as a negative if you wanted.
  1.  I do not feel any different.  Ya know sometimes you can say, “Wow I am in really great shape!”  Well I don’t feel any different. Now frankly I wasn’t supposed to and really neither is anyone else. The proof is in the pudding or the results in this case.  Also and I have had one or two questions about this- when you take it, it’s not like having a cup of coffee or a pre work out ergogenic (thermogenic). You don’t get a buzz or a kick.  I don’t make supplements like that for the primary reason is that appeals to the 19-25 testosterone driven male segment, not the anti-aging segment and frankly, that stuff can be bad for an older heart!
  2. I use something called a Body Gem to measure my RMR (resting metabolic rate) and it has gone down by about 100-150 cals a day.  I attribute this to the decrease in resting heart rate (that is good!!!) and a similar increase in metabolic efficiency (in other words I AM in better shape!).
So there you have it an honest to goodness pros and cons on what I consider one of my greatest products of 2017 and/or ever and a worthy successor to the old energy product that will remain nameless for legal reasons – but it’s the one a lot of people wanted.
Couple Energy MAX X with Mito QE and you have a fantastic way to support your mitochondria, smooth out the aging process and help your get your fitness potential closer to your genetic potential!
Dr Dave

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