My Experience with TA-65

The Mother of All Anti-Aging

TELOMERES are the end caps of the chromosomes.  More than any other specific finding, telomere length has been equated with health and longevity.  Studies have shown that people whose telomeres are longer live longer and suffer fewer maladies as they age.

Simply put they seem to age better. So 5 years ago when I became aware of a compound now known as TA-65 I jumped at the chance to start taking it.

Subsequently I immersed myself in the study of telomeres and telomerase, the enzyme that lengthens them.  I also offered TA-65 to my family friends and clients and began to sell it as part of my internet supplement business. It was the first and most impactful supplement I ever sold specifically for its anti-aging benefits.


Three separate studies have been published detailing its positive effects in humans and there have been no serious side effects reported with its use.

Many wonderful things have happened in the past 5 years since I added TA-65 to my daily anti-aging regime but in my opinion the most important is the regrowth of my telomeres.

Telomeres normally shorten as we age so when they start to get longer albeit in gradual fashion something big is truly happen.  That is exactly what has happened to my telomeres.  I Have confirmed this with 3 separate measurements.

For the past 8 months I have been promising to show you the data on my telomere length and today is that day. I needed to present the data at two separate anti-aging conferences but now that those lectures are done I can finally share it with you.

But first understand what I said above.

Telomeres do not normally get longer.

They shorten with age. Given the fact that people with longer telomeres live longer and healthier based on scientific studies I will simply say that it is remarkable and very encouraging to see my own telomere and of course that of many of my clients going in a direction that suggests real true honest age reversal in biologic terms.

Speaking of biologic aging one of the telomere tests and the only one I will use any more, the Life Length Assay has shown a decrease in the critically short telomere measurements as well. This is directly correlated with “biologic age”.

Biologic age is how young your cells act as opposed to how many birthdays you’ve counted. So is it really possible to decrease biologic age and improve the aging process?

Well if Telomere Length is any indication the answer to both of those questions is a resounding YES!!!

Today I am going to offer you the specific and exact anti-aging routine I take in the same dosage and format that I take it in.

This is for serious people only because:

  1. It’s not cheap
  2. It requires taking several pills a day every day
  3. It requires staying on this routine for a minimum of 6 months.

If any one of those 3 things is a stretch for you then by all means don’t do it.

But if you are serious and you want results that can be measured* and you don’t want to sit idly by as Father Time Gnaws at your Body then this is for YOU!!!

OK a few more things then we’ll get to the results and the offer.

There are currently 3 different ways to measure telomeres that will give different absolute numbers in the results.  The different numbers are because of the differences in the way things are measured. But the thing you will notice is that all 3 of the tests show significant improvement.

I did this on purpose because there will always be someone out there who says that the changes are not real but just artifacts of the testing process.  It is highly unlikely that 3 different ways of measuring telomeres would all show improvements based on chance alone.

Three different tests over time each and every one showing improvement is proof to me that things are really getting better!!!

Next not all of the tests were available on the market at the very beginning of my taking TA-65; some became available at later dates so that is when I did them.

Finally the most accurate and reproducible of the tests is the HTQ-FISH assay also known as the Life Length Test which you will see also reports the percentage of short telomeres. This one is absolutely critical in documenting improvements in your Biologic Age!

So here we go:

This is the first test done in 2009 at the time I started TA-65

You will see my average (mean) telomere length is 7.1 ( this is the average of the two numbers 6.9 and

The test below shows the improvement in these values with an average 7.35. While this test underestimates the changes it shows a clear improvement of 250 base pairs or 50 base pairs a year.

Remember most people are losing 50 or more base pair a year not gaining them!!!!

The next test is the all important HT Q FISH Life Length Assay first done in 2011 and the second part also represented on the same page is from 2013. Keep in mind this is the most accurate and reproducible test out there today.

This test shows a 2011 result of 6.2 and a 2013 result of 7.52

Please note in the 2 years in between the tests my median telomere length improved by 1300 base pairs and my percentage of short telomeres dropped 7% from 22.5% which was much higher than I wanted to 15.05 which is on the “good side” of the aging curve.

Most scientists agree that people lose anywhere from 50 to 200 base pairs from their telomeres every year so even a conservative estimate means I have gotten “7 years younger” biologically even though I am 5 years older!!!

I can also tell you from my stem cell studies that my bone marrow is indistinguishable from that of a teen ager, has almost no fat and is densely cellular- all hallmarks of youth!

Four years later (2013)I repeated both tests and you can see a marked improvement in mean, median and % of short telomeres all indicating “de aging” and reversal of my biologic age. Also note I did the most common test known as QPCR and it showed me to be near the top 25% of my age range as far as telomere length.

This is what I wanted and trust me it’s what you want too- to be at the top of the heap!

I have detailed many typical things you may expect by taking this routine in my blogs but here is a short list of what people have reported:

  • More sex drive
  • Better control of body weight and body fat
  • More energy
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Fewer wrinkles and better skin tone
  • Improved eyesight
  •  Simply Looking Younger overall!
  • Better blood pressure, cholesterol bone density inflammatory and immune markers**





*Everyone ages differently and not everyone will get the same results from this routine or any other anti-aging routine. Not all clients will see specific measureable improvements nor can everyone expect positive changes in their telomere length.

**These results were documented with TA-65 and a different multi vitamin routine in a 2011 study. While there is no reason to believe that anything but the TA-65 made these differences, a different routine was used than I do so I do not make claims to these findings with my Mother of All Anti-Aging offer. This offer is however what I take every day.

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  1. I’ve got to try it. I just keep them healthy by foods such as dark chocolate but I heard a pod cast today from the doctor that patented it and it seems valid.

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