The Consequences of Having More Energy

I wanted to share a personal story with you…

So you might avoid some mistakes I have made in the past.

I have been updating you on my physical advancement since taking a few of the new products. I am pretty sure I blew my own horn a fair amount in hopes that all of my not so old aging warriors would take heart and realize some performance gains of their own.

After all its always more fun to make progress especially if you feel stuck.

Well there is an old saying in Ukraine that goes something like this: “Teach a donkey to pray and it will get a sore forehead”.

This of course refers to the stubbornness of the breed and is often not far of the mark for certain anti-aging Docs I know lol.

The signs were unmistakable.

The ongoing not so subtle ache in my shoulder. I had been putting up some impressive weights overhead in a way that had not been seen by me for several decades. After all what 60 year old lifts anything overhead anymore! That is when the old “wooden racquet” injury came back after so many years.

Yes, back in my High School days I played a lot of tennis for the local team. I was pretty good too considering the way the game was played in those days. We had wooden racquets that required huge looping swings to generate any power- completely different game than the ping pong like strokes of today.

Of course, all that also required a lot of strength that came from the rotator cuff and torqued it in ways that would cause long term damage. I had pretty much forgotten about my shoulder issues until recently when I started getting stronger much faster. I thank my wonderful supplements for that.

But I had also forgotten the caveat of minding my own limits in terms of tendons and ligaments. One needs to let them catch up to the muscles.

So, if you are using Energy X Maxx be aware that you may need to exercise a little caution in terms of how fast you progress. Your body needs stress but it needs it in doses it can adapt to.

A few quick ultrasound treatments with my little portable machine and I am right as rain.

Frankly making progress fast is a nice problem to have!!! Get Some and watch how much more you get done this summer!



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