New Horizons for Your Health

I wanted to let you know about a couple of areas that are truly exploding in terms of knowledge, understanding and most of all direct application to your health, well being and longevity.

These are the areas I will be writing about in my emails and blogs to keep you updated.

I also wanted to tell you about the astounding number of clueless people who are writing about these areas. Sadly the internet is notorious for “letting” anyone with an opinion or supposed expertise publish anything they want.

Most of it is misinformed, over simplified or just plain nonsense.

Nowhere is that more true than in the field of Longevity and especially Telomere Biology. Again if you haven’t been reading my stuff for the past 14 months then you might not know what the word “telomere” refers to. Telomeres are part of your genetic material and they are the biologic time clocks that determine for a large part how long you can live (emphasis on the word can; can does not equal will!) If you want the straight scoop on this topic you can read my blogs or just go to for a more concentrated look at what I have written.

You’ll see why they call me Dr Telomere!

Ok let’s look at what is brewing and what you need to stay informed on:

1) Exercise physiology. Finally, after decades of following what has worked for one individual or one genetically gifted athlete, we are beginning to get real data on the average Joes and Janes and translate it into what works. I won’t get into that here but I have written a book and sell a course on it called Fabulous Fat Burning for Everyone that has a lot of great information for you. Still any book becomes outdated before it’s published so if you want real info you have to go to the source. And that means a seminar on the topic! Nowhere I have ever been has more to offer in this regard than Great Blackburn’s famous Fitcamps.

The next one is in Malibu in November and is rife with tip top people in the fields of longevity and fitness who have been able to tie both together for you. Go to and sign up now! Each one is life changing.

2) Nutrition. This includes supplements, neutragenomics and epigenetics. Again, if you’ve been reading my stuff, you know what those words mean and why they are important. If you don’t, well then you haven’t been reading my stuff. Bottom line: in those fancy sounding words are simple concepts that will shape everything we do from now on. So stay tuned and keep reading my stuff. By the way you’ll see al lot of imitators but they can only copy so you may as well get it first here!

3) Longevity. I pride myself in being the guy who translates cutting edge science to the world at large. As such, I spoke on longevity and its newest, greatest and “here now” field, Telomere Biology at two major anti-aging conferences in 2009 and 2010. Again there will be people who claim to be experts and write about this topic but have at best a limited understanding of the topic (or none at all) and try to copy from what I have written.

Here is the good news. Myself and co-authors Greta Blackburn and Mike Fossel have a book coming out that tells you in plain English what to do to stay healthy and live longer and better. It’s a real book published by a real publisher and the first of its kind to tie in Telomere Biology with everyday life.

And it’s written by real experts not wanna be’s.

It’s called The Immortality Edge and I will soon be telling you how to get a signed copy from me.

So once again, stay tuned and be aware that this is the real deal, authentic, you-heard-it-first here. Your source for information in these fields.


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