The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do To Live A Long And Healthy Life!

It’s incredibly sad but I have to start with a disclaimer

In addition to our usual disclaimer. The concept of longevity frosts a lot of people. It irritates scientists and government agencies alike. And of course there is the practicing physician making incredible personal sacrifices to do what is becoming an ever increasingly thankless job.

They will not agree with what I am writing to you. They do not condone it. It angers them and frightens them. And in their own minds it threatens their very existence. Now the truth is “they” have the power and they control most of where the money in science gets spent and on what.

They quickly and efficiently and legally squash any threat to the status quo and to their own control.

So as you read this understand that this is not medical advice.  It is simply my experiences and the experiences of others. When I mention others please understand that they are not endorsing my products, only my point of view.  Yes, its sad how careful I have to be these days!

So, I had a conversation with one of the top telomere scientists the other day.  If you don’t know what a telomere is I’ll tell you in simple terms.  It’s the biologic time clock found on the ends of your chromosomes (genetic material).  It effectively determines how well those chromosomes and the cells that contain them reproduce to make new cells to replenish old ones.  It effects the mutation rate and behavior of the cell at the very core of its existence.

Some people call it the key to immortality.

I simply call it a key to the possibility of longer and longer lives with attendant better health.

I had the opportunity to discuss both science and personal choices with this super scientist really getting down to nuts and bolts with what he does for his own health and longevity.

When I asked him the “favorite thing” question he answered I do everything!!!  He like me takes a bunch of supplements including Omega 3’s and telomere agents of various kinds.

He is an avid long distance runner and fitness fanatic.  He applies the literature and science to his own life and follows the same credo I do: Do as much as you can!!!!

That does not mean going overboard of course but it means doing a lot of different things.
Now this gentleman was not there to endorse my products but the words “omega 3” did hit a chord as you can imagine!  So did the consumption of telomere active agents.

The problem for most people is they do not want to do everything I do.  Or everything this guy does either.  So here are the keys that any one can and should do.

  1. Exercise aerobically on a regular basis at a level you can maintain for years to come! This stresses the fact that most scientific studies look at life long behaviors for benefit, not just 6 weeks although it does appear the benefits to your telomeres and your health may start in just a few weeks.
  2. Maintain your body weight and control your insulin levels.  I am not going to give you a diet lecture here.  You can peruse my blog and find a bunch of articles there on the effects of diet on telomeres, longevity, and health.  Just keep those things, insulin and body weight (of course body fat too!) down and you are doing the right thing,
  3. OK I promised the one thing, the single most important thing you can do.  Understand this intervention has to be simple enough that even sicker older people can do it.  It is: take your fish oil every day. Here is an example of that. I am not going to badger you about high dose versus low dose.  I take high dose but that has not been specifically studied with regards to telomere health.  It has been looked at in a lot of other populations so in my opinion it’s a dose dependent phenomenon.  Some is better than none so even if you only take one or two a day you should still see some benefit.  Of course I still take on average 6 a day.

By the way the fish oil “debate” will rage on for a long time and may never end. It doesn’t have to – as long as you are alive to see the truth!



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