Telomere Length and Life Stress – It all counts

Have you seen the recent articles that link childhood stress to shorter telomere length in adults? Actually this information is not new. Last year a study of Rumanian orphans came out showing the same thing: children in difficulty in early life lost telomere length and had shorter telomeres as adult.

Remember this will statistically equate to shorter life span overall.

Then a few months ago cold susceptibility was linked to shorter telomeres in the typically measured immune cells we use to determine telomere length.  Not really surprising if you understand the role between immunosenescence and disease vulnerability. Basically short telomeres equate to a weaker immune system and a weaker immune system means more infections. But it also means more aging in general. Now would be a good time for me to remind you that TA-65 has, in all of its study forms, cell culture, animal, and human, strengthened the immune system.

Some of you will get the flu shot in hopes of doing this. Ever get the shot and get sick anyway? Ever wonder why? Sorry I will have to leave you to connect the dots on that one, but TA-65 appears to work year round as long as you are taking it.

Back to the studies.  Now we have a study that shows that childhood stress and adult cold susceptibility are related. Since I am asking you to connect the dots what do you think the common link is?

If you said telomeres you get a double helix popsicle for Christmas!

Studies done at the University of Utah and others have made this connection along with the tie in to longevity.

Here’s how it works.

There are 2 ways to shorten telomeres that are normally active in you and I. Cellular replication or cells dividing into other cells usually to repair and replace dead or dying cells, and damage from oxidative stress.  In each case the meter on your life span is ultimately running and that meter is the telomere.

The more damage from either situation, the faster the meter runs out.

Fortunately there are many things you can do to slow down and ever reverse this process. Telomerase the enzyme that repairs and in some cases lengthens the telomere is normally turned off.

TA-65 has been proven to turn it back on again.  Fish oil has been equated to longer telomeres.  Staying healthy and not getting sick helps a lot as well.

Our book The Immortality Edge has chapter upon chapter of information about other things to use and do as well including stress reduction techniques.

It can be done and if you value your life and your health I urge you to do something NOW.

The only thing you can be sure of otherwise is you are aging.


2 thoughts on “Telomere Length and Life Stress – It all counts”

  1. Hi Dr Dave, ive just ordered some PQQ on the basis that it causes biogenisis of mitrochrondria! And also a super anti oxidant. Will it work well with ta-65? Any interactions? Could this achieve faster results? Ive just turned 40 and am taking one ta-65 capsule per day. As always id welcome your thoughts and thanks for a great blog! Rik.

    1. Hi, Rick. I think PQQ is a good choice, although I am honestly not sure there is enough real data to suggest it is superior to CO Q. While mitochondria are not my specialty, I am getting more and more knowledgeable about them because of having to fight off all the Mitochondrial Theory of Aging Proponents LOL. I have read the studies on PQQ and I am sure it will be a beneficial adjunct to your anti-aging routine. There should be no problems using it with TA-65 at all. Best,
      Dr Dave

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