Here are the specific numbers I obtained on the various days after the 2 day induction I described in Part 3 of this series.

I will be starting the numbering series with #1 which was the first day AFTER the induction. In other words this is the first day of the 8 day routine I described in the last blog, 200 to 400 calories and 10ish grams of carbs as my usual daily intake.

Please note you will see references in my notes to dropping body weight. While this was a pleasant side effect of this diet and I suspected it would have to happen it was by no means the main goal. The main goal was to experience CRKD and see how I tolerated it.

Abbreviations. FBS= fasting blood sugar. Ketones = Ketones in millimoles  Wt= how much I weighed at a specific time. BW=Body water as measured on a Tanita Iron man Scale for hydration status. BF= Body Fat on the same scale*  MR is the metabolic rate at the time via the same scale (although once for correlation I used a Body Gem device).

I used an Abbott Precision Xtra to measure my sugars and blood ketones.  I did not look at urinary ketones primarily because if you are truly using ketones for fuel you should not see a lot of them in your urine. Your body should be gobbling them up for food and not peeing them out. Then again at $5 a strip for blood ketones, I can see why people opt for urine testing!

You will notice that occasionally I added some numbers after “eating” exercising etc. in addition to the fasting dry weight numbers first thing in the morning.

You will also notice I left the original “notes” from my diary in some cases so you can see what I was feeling and thinking at the time.

Baseline prior to starting the full blown calorie restriction/ketosis 8 day portion:

Body weight 200.8  FBS 96 (normal is considered 80 to 100)

Day 1 197.8    FBS 74 neg ketones


Day 2 195 .5  FBS 68 Ketones 0.3 I did an evening Interval session on the Airdyne cycle consisting of 8 rounds of 3 minutes at 85 to 92% of max heart rate with 2 minute rest intervals in between. I did not feel fatigued during this session.


Day 3 water only until 330 PM Fasting AM  Dry wt 193.4  FBS 77  ketones positive at 1.1 mmol

At 3 PM calf fasciculations and minor cramps with exertion plan is to intake protein before night time work out. Noticing some tiredness but could easily be from poor sleep (unrelated!)  NO serious hunger pangs at this point interested to see how exercise goes.  I think I can hang in with this for a few more days with no problem.  I am encouraged by the wt loss though it has to be water!

7:30 PM Glucose 45 min post soup is 66

End of the day tally  total soups 3  total carbs 9 grams +almond milk total calories 270 plus almond milk.


Day 4 Plan water and coffee only  Dry wt 192  not sure why I have a feeling this is the body wt plateau and that further losses will be less  I would like to get to 188 and see how I look!  Today BWater is 55.9  BFat 13% on athlete’s measure  Post water lemon and coffee sugar is 71  ketones 0.8. Going to try gym next and possibly running!

Got back from gym  a bit shaky and mild light headedness Ketones down to 0.6  glucose is 87  This is shocking to me unless this is the result of exercise  I find it hard to believe that anything I have put in my body today could be used as non ketotic fuel!  Not hungry though plan to run next will do a 90 cal soup,

From 7 PM to 11 PM Wound up having a total of 3 soups over 4 hours!  Wt 192  Once I ate one it seemed like my appetite came back although I did run 5 K and go to the gym and lifted weights.

Calorie wise I am golden and should be lighter tomorrow morning.  I will be excited to be 190 and am guessing it will take until Tuesday to get in that range solidly although I have dropped 1.5 pounds or more each day I am not sure why I believe the weight to be mainly water and expect it to plateau.  More tired than usual earlier than usual but caffeine intake is lowered as well.


Day 5  Wt this am is 189.9 and it shows . My body has sucked down and in spite of having the strength in the gym yesterday the muscle mass is clearly less in my upper body.

FBS 47  Ketones 2.2 both the most extreme I have had so far but I feel fine not hungry  Cut down on fish oil and coffee doses because they are so effective now. I think this is kinda fun but I am a bit concerned about muscle mass and energy  so far I can’t complain,  I keep waiting for the s to hit the fan and it doesn’t …appetite is only a problem when I eat!!!  Tonight’s outing will be interesting. I think I have finally hit ketosis and this is where the real weight and fat loss is going to happen.

Body Water was clearly the lowest in a while 54.8% fat 14+ % again highest ever in recent thanks to Body Water being low. Fasciculations and near cramp in rt Calve.  Need to stay hydrated coffee is diuretic.

Note: after spending the entire night with my calves doing St Vitus’ Dance I discovered that plain old salt in the form of Bragg’s aminos solves the problem of cramps, fasciculations and dehydration (duh! Water follows salt). Laughing because all of my medical training has been to vilify salt consumption and focus on magnesium and potassium replacement with absolutely NO RELIEF!!! All I needed all these years of was salt and water.  Blood Pressure is 110/62 Heart rate a bit elevated at 62 resting.

Day 6  ran out of glucose strips but ketones are a new high of 3.3 so I think my glucose must be on the lower side.  Had to do some snow blowing fairly hard work and now I am hungry  going for soup and cider amino water.    Fingers are getting a bit sore on left hand from repeated finger sticks!

Day 7 Wts were up to 192.2 well hydrated at 9.6% body fat and 59.9% body water no cramps or fasciculations again thanks to the cumulative increase in salt intake,

Ketones are at starvation level  4.1  the highest ever.  I am not hungry  I think I will go to low carb diet slowly introducing with juice for 2 days when I am actually done here.  Clearly I would have to be super dehydrated to hit 185 lbs and the lack of being able to stay up etc is beginning to create a pressure situation with my work. I will be happy if I can get back to 189.  Last night I had a total of 3 soups again and this must be what is causing the water retention along with a significant amount of salt I had with the soups and Braggs aminos.  So I will have to back off those a bit, I want to work out today as well as time permits!  Interesting experiment.

Day 7 nighttime  post gym and 4 mile treadmill run  about 2 hours post  glucose 67 ( water lemon and small amount of aminos) handful of nuts and a few marys gone crackers  wt 191  bw 60%  bf 9.6%  BP 114/66 hr 69 post bath.

Day 8  wt 189.4  BW 58.8%  BF  10%  RMR 2060 via body gem   FBS 62  ketones 6.1 which would now be considered starvation range.  BP 110/61 Pulse 72 resting.

Started to get woozy tired and hungry late in the day. But I  Held it together until 2 AM call, I think I would have been fine had I slept through the night but such is the life of a doctor. After the call I was starving and ate several bowls of cereal and “lo carb” bread. I justified this by saying to myself I had gone a full day longer than I set out to when I started this.  Still it was a total carb pig out and I paid the price in GI distress. You do not want to reintroduce food this way!!!

Final official entry Day 9 wt 192.4 Body Fat 9%  BW 60%  did not run numbers  will go back on less restricted higher but not high carb diet with more calories. You would think that as long as I stay below RMR levels I should slowly continue to lose weight the right way. There are however the endless water shifts to contend with!

OK now the comment about Fish Oil.  I can honestly say that I skipped doses to about every other day and reduced the dose to between 1 and 3 capsules on days I took it.  This is the first time in 14 years I have missed this much and taken this little.

Why? Well if you have read any of my stuff about the Omega6/3 ratios or better yet attended my teleseminar you know the answer or can give it an educated guess.

I will cover this and much more in the next and final blog!


First let me wish the Happiest of New Years and a phenomenal 2014. I can tell you that if 2013 is any indication, 2014 will be spectacular.

And speaking of 2013 I want to give you a brief perspective on this passing year from Dr Dave’s point of view both in terms of accomplishments and some personal stuff as well.

As always I like to start with a broad associative allegory about something I have learned and something I have sought.

Several hundred years ago there was a brilliant French essayist named Montaigne. He wrote about many things in such a succinct fashion that I have often sought his counsel through his work during my adult life time.

One characteristic he wrote about struck a chord with me in recent years: Equanimity. I made it a point in my New Year’s resolutions to seek it out and I can tell you that after 2 years of “asking” I think I found it in recent months and will only build on it.

My version of Equanimity is being balanced and centered in the knowledge of who I am and what I am to do here on this earth. Because of it the ups and down, the ebbs and flows and the fractal nature of life and time are more easy to walk through on an even plane.

Sound complicated? Just think balanced no matter what comes your way and you’ll have it. Trust me it’s a good place to be.

It is also the thing that allows me to tell you with 100% certainty that you are going to enjoy this next year with me if you chose to do so because massive break throughs are coming.

But let’s not forget 2013, so here we go.

In the earliest part of the year and leading in from December 2012 we introduced RG Stem Cell Activating Serum.  At the same time we also introduced the newly revised and redesigned Telomere Edge Packs. Each represented a never before created achievement and brought the promise of telomere preservation and stem cell activation within the reach of everyone on the list.

In March I reintroduced a product I had been sitting on for over 2 years, Ultra 85 fish oil. The ‘world debut’ of the product happened 7 weeks later at David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Conference. The great ironies of this were two: first this is where the product was originally introduced 2 years prior but because of the production costs we could not yet sustain its manufacture, next UPS lost our entire shipment.  You might have guessed that we were able to figure out how to make the product affordable both to us and the public. You might not have guessed that even in its absence, we sold out of the entire batch that would have arrived and filled those orders from our warehouse stock a few days later.

Immediately upon my return I introduced our contest which you can still participate in.  I can recall having an epiphany when I asked, “How do I get people excited about this contest and wanting to participate?”  You see back in the day when I first started rewards and free stuff was all the enticement one needed. Now 13 years later people are jaded and over marketed on the internet and I bet if I promised a million dollar reward no one would even read it! So I decided to tell everyone who joins the contest the main reason I wake up every morning.  To do research on products that will improve your life.

That seemed to be enough to get people moving because they understood they would directly benefit from the effort.

Two months later I was in Canada coaching my sister on her first Canadian Death Race and by the end of the month I was in the company of one Laurel Sander OMD getting healed big time at a full-fledged cleansing retreat. You can see some pics from my most recent trip there a few weeks ago. Suffice it to say the healing took and after 3 years of lower than desired physical activity I am back to my old self again. Now understand this is the culmination of a lot of things I do.  If you have followed me for any length of time you know I ask a lot of my mind and body and I am happy to say it’s delivering again.

During this time I also had my telomeres measured several times in both peripheral white blood cells and in my stem cells.  The later results are part of one of the studies I am currently doing so I cannot divulge that info but my peripheral cells gained over 600 base pairs using 2 separate assays and my immune profile has improved dramatically as well- all from taking TA-65 and the Telomere Edge Packs.  Depending on what you want to use as a starting point I have reversed the aging process in this most important cellular compartment by anywhere from 6 to 10 years.  The remarkable thing is I see it and feel it in my mind, my body and my performance. I am getting YOUNGER!!!

Now the skeptics among the world have said, “OK big shot you talk a good game now let’s see the numbers!  Why won’t you show us the numbers?”  So in a rare bow to peer pressure I have decided that I will reveal all the numbers on their official report sheets so all the naysayers can shut up ( hint that will never happen no matter what proof I offer LOL). But I do ask one favor in return after I do this.  People seem to love to call me on my credentials which are in fact a matter of public record if certain skeptics would get off their lazy asses and do a minimal amount of research. Again it’s much easier and more authoritative to simply fire it off as a command and hope I jump when you say how high than it is to type in “google”. But I will do the work just this once but in return I ask the following: There are a lot of big named people out there that you trust just based on their web popularity. So ASK THEM TO PUT THEIR MONEY WHERE THEIR MOUTH IS AND SHOW YOU THEIR TELOMERE LENGTHS.   I can tell you that more than one of them has done the test and been angry and shocked that their results sucked! Ask them and you’ll get a bunch of BS excuses about how the test is not accurate. The test is deadly accurate but the way they live their lives and their own information is faulty in terms of your health and longevity.

There I said it. Now you figure out who I am talking about and demand the same accountability from them. And while you are busy waiting for what will never come I will remain totally transparent because your life and your decisions depend on it.

That brings us to the late summer early fall when the next RG products arrived from the lab: The Booster, The Cleanser and the Blemish Cream. If you have not seen the videos on these products they can be found on YouTube.

Also available there is the complete teleseminar on omega 3’s. If you have ever been confused about everything you hear about fish oil this is a great way to get the real truth. The difference between this and the marketing hype is I show you the actual biochem texts, articles and the results of over 150 Omega 6/3 ratio tests I have done.  I have honestly never seen anyone else try to back up what they say this way. Pretty sure the reason is they can’t but you be the judge!

And while you are on YouTube you can see me getting my telomeres tested on several different occasions, testing Omega 6/3 ratios and reviewing the honest data on krill, triglyceride fish oil and generally debunking myths left and right!

From September through December the work you did during the contest paid off. I was able to do additional research on telomere length and stem cells which has never been done. It will be at least another 6 months before the results are in but I will be once again in Mexico treating myself in a few weeks. By being the guinea pig here I am doing the kind of research you should be demanding of any internet doc who claims he is pioneering and cutting edge.

The same stem cell team I employ for the research just gave me the preliminary findings on RG cell serum and booster and showed that we are increasing youthful collagen production in skin fibroblasts. I will have the final report out to you in January 2014.

I will also continue to test these products for stem cell activation.

Speaking of products I have at least 2 new ones slated for release in the next 60 days so stay tuned!

Now a little personal info.  I have continued to meet speak with and learn from the best and brightest on the planet and that continues to be reflected in my newsletters and blogs.

And that is a lucky thing for you and me!

Happy New Year!!!!


Telomeres are the end segments of every chromosome that function as a biologic time clock. Their overall length and health determines how long your cells will live.

Over the past few years it has become more and more common to measure telomere length in blood cells, specifically white blood cells that represent your immune system. Lately with the advent of the HT Q FISH technology from Life Length this type of measurement has become accurate enough for doctors and individuals who are simply interested in their health to use for monitoring purposes.

But in all this there was very fortunate accident. The cells chosen in blood were picked for 3 main reasons.

1)      They were easy to get.  A simple blood draw and you have everything you need without having to biopsy some major tissue.

2)      Unlike Red Blood Cells, the white blood cells have a nucleus and that means they have DNA. That also means they have telomeres at the end of the segments of DNA in those white blood cells that can be measured.

3)      White blood cells are turned over rapidly and are constantly being produced. To help with this process they have an enzyme that is active pretty much only in rapidly dividing cells. This enzyme is called telomerase.  Telomerase turns out to also be a major key to longevity and health span as well.

So the bottom line is the measurement of Your telomeres in the blood shows the status of your immune health in many ways. Positive changes in immune health have been associated in 3 different types of studies using the telomerase activator TA-65.

Specifically human cell culture studies, animal studies and human studies have shown a positive response in the form of strengthening the immune system.  Independent questionnaires I have done and others have done have shown this as well: immune strengthening means far less coughs and colds!

A study recently released from the University of Utah showed this correlation as well. Longer telomeres= stronger immune system= less sickness!

So now we have a couple of interesting points by way of review.

1)      You can measure your telomere length in an effective accurate way using Life Length HT-QFISH technology.

2)      You can equate this telomere length to a bunch of different things including how long you might actually be able to live* and especially how strong your immune system is**.

3)      You can potentially strengthen your immune system with TA-65.

By now you might be wondering OK but what is really the big deal about the immune system other than coughs and colds?

The answer lies in the predictive value of your immune system health in terms of your overall health and quite possibly your longevity.

Let’s take the average American. One thing we can say for sure is that the average citizen of this country is way too low in Omega 3 fats and thus is walking around in an inflamed state. We can also equate this inflammation to America’s number one killer- heart disease, and a whole host of other “age related” diseases.  I put that in quotes because some of you may know I think that aging IS THE DISEASE and telomere lengths is kinda like the cholesterol test of aging.

The average American being inflamed has an immune system problem. His or her own body is targeting itself. The immune system is slowly damaging areas where it should not and less able to work where it is needed. That is not a healthy Immune System.  Now that does indeed show up in telomere length tests when you look at people with heart disease. Perhaps even more ironic is the significant effect of TA-65 on cholesterol. ***

What is the next hit our immune systems take? Answer: chronic and acute viral infections.  You may not have or even know what things like EBV, CMV or HIV are, but as chronic viruses that overwork the immune system or in some cases poison it they represent a major risk to health.

But to a lesser degree so do things like the flu and other seasonal viruses. If you are an adult your immune system should be able to fight off even new strains of flu and not make you sick. Instead we have to rely on flu shots and other methods of defense.  When we get the flu we are often sick for a lot longer than the infection should last. That represents your immune system trying to recover from the insult. If it’s weak you can very well wind up with bacterial pneumonia or some other infection following the flu.  One in three people who are reading this blog know exactly what I am talking about because they have been sick for months following a flu infection.

OK that is infectious illness, age related disease, and aging overall.

Then there is the special case of cancer which strikes through “immune holes”.  The Immune Surveillance theory of cancer is widely accepted now. It says that if your body has a healthy immune system cancer will not take root. It is only when there is a hole that it can get past that it can grow. Recently a drug for prostate cancer was approved that “programs your immune system to fight the cancer”. If this is not an acknowledgement of the Immune Surveillance Theory I don’t know what is!

So what should we really take from telomere measurements? Ideally we should understand they reflect the health of our Immune System and even if it’s just lucky that we can easily get these cells, it is a very important thing to know based on everything I just told you.

Simply put in many cases the Immune System is a primary driver in how well you age and how long you live.

Skeptical?  Watch the mortality rates from cancer and infection climb over the next 2 decades and then tell me what you think!

How can you protect your immune system and help it do its job?

Answer: Take care of Your Telomeres!

Dr Dave

Note: TA-65 is not a drug it’s a supplement. It is not FDA approved for anything and these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and probably never will be unless Big Pharma comes out with a Telomerase Activating Drug. That will not happen until the pioneers in the field do all the work for them first.

*and ** These statements are best supported by serial telomere measurements. You need more than one measurement at more than one point in time because what you are really looking for is the CHANGE in the length of your telomeres, not the absolute length. In addition the HT-QFISH technology is the only one that gives % short telomeres, another critical factor in see where YOU really stand.

*** This study is available on Pub Med released Oct 2013

In mid-July a ridiculous poorly designed poorly done study was published by a “reputable journal” from the National Cancer Institute.  It associated “high Omega 3 intake” with a 70% increased risk of prostate cancer. It was published by one Dr T. Brasky and his research time and derived from a sub group analysis of another study called the SELECT Trail designed to look at the effects of selenium on prostate cancer risk.

In my blog “As I lay Dying” and the subsequent blogs after it I detailed how absurd the Brasky study was. I concluded that in my opinion the negative press was absolutely a deliberate ploy in the part of these researchers to get attention.

Sadly it worked.

For a while.

I remember one irate gentleman out there who engaged me on another web site basically saying that 3 well known experts including a nationally famous Urologist and a well-known Endocrinologist said it was dangerous and “did I think I knew more about prostate cancer than they did”.

I didn’t bother to answer at that point because it was pointless but here is the answer I would have given: “No I don’t know more about prostate cancer, but I know a hell of a lot more about Omega 3’s and fish oil than those bozo’s!”

So for about 6 weeks I stood as pretty much a lone voice for fish oil.

But I predicted in due time another study, a better designed study, a study that was actually asking a question instead of selling and agenda, would come out and refute any association and support the use of fish oil as a beneficial thing in prostate cancer.

This by the way is not rocket science. The positive studies on fish oil outnumber the negative 99.9 to1.

So a recent study from UCLA was just released that showed the combination of a low fat diet along with fish oil ( which is ALL fat by the way!) may help prevent recurrent prostate cancer and decrease its growth .

One comment the only role of eating a low fat diet in this disease and other diseases in my opinion is that it limits the amount of grain fed Omega 6 rich meat these men consumed. If they ate free range grass fed I think it would be of additional help.

One way to boost the Omega 3 ratio in the blood is to consume less of its opposite, Omega 6.

Restricting Omega 6 and increasing Omega 3 are critical to cancer prevention in everything I have ever read.

Which leads me to the final statement. I think the National Cancer Institute’s allowance of Dr Brasky’s study to be published was bordering on criminal.

Worse werethe statements he allegedly made recommending people to consume more Omega 6.

That advice will in my opinion actually increase your risk of cancer.

To all the internet guru’s, internet doctors, cowardly health care providers, news anchors and “experts” who immediately jumped on the “Fish oil may increase risk of Prostate Cancer” where are you now?

Probably onto some other trending story that will boost your sales and your ratings.


To the guy who told me I was wrong and he was right because he had expert opinion on his side, I am waiting for your letter of apology.

I have yet to see one retraction from anyone.

To all my faithful readers, clients, customers and patients who had learned enough from me to know this whole thing was bogus I say congratulations for not being snowed by “public opinion”.

If anything, after 12 years you know I tell you the truth even when it is not popular. I don’t side with the traditional allopathic agenda. I don’t side with the Holistic or Alternative agenda. I routinely disagree with “experts” on both sides of that fence.

Me? I side with the truth. And believe me there is truth out there.

That truth is all you and me will ever need to live our best lives!

With deepest appreciation…

Dr Dave

PS Not only am I not dead, but I am growing younger as we speak!!!

Have you seen the recent articles that link childhood stress to shorter telomere length in adults? Actually this information is not new. Last year a study of Rumanian orphans came out showing the same thing: children in difficulty in early life lost telomere length and had shorter telomeres as adult.

Remember this will statistically equate to shorter life span overall.

Then a few months ago cold susceptibility was linked to shorter telomeres in the typically measured immune cells we use to determine telomere length.  Not really surprising if you understand the role between immunosenescence and disease vulnerability. Basically short telomeres equate to a weaker immune system and a weaker immune system means more infections. But it also means more aging in general. Now would be a good time for me to remind you that TA-65 has, in all of its study forms, cell culture, animal, and human, strengthened the immune system.

Some of you will get the flu shot in hopes of doing this. Ever get the shot and get sick anyway? Ever wonder why? Sorry I will have to leave you to connect the dots on that one, but TA-65 appears to work year round as long as you are taking it.

Back to the studies.  Now we have a study that shows that childhood stress and adult cold susceptibility are related. Since I am asking you to connect the dots what do you think the common link is?

If you said telomeres you get a double helix popsicle for Christmas!

Studies done at the University of Utah and others have made this connection along with the tie in to longevity.

Here’s how it works.

There are 2 ways to shorten telomeres that are normally active in you and I. Cellular replication or cells dividing into other cells usually to repair and replace dead or dying cells, and damage from oxidative stress.  In each case the meter on your life span is ultimately running and that meter is the telomere.

The more damage from either situation, the faster the meter runs out.

Fortunately there are many things you can do to slow down and ever reverse this process. Telomerase the enzyme that repairs and in some cases lengthens the telomere is normally turned off.

TA-65 has been proven to turn it back on again.  Fish oil has been equated to longer telomeres.  Staying healthy and not getting sick helps a lot as well.

Our book The Immortality Edge has chapter upon chapter of information about other things to use and do as well including stress reduction techniques.

It can be done and if you value your life and your health I urge you to do something NOW.

The only thing you can be sure of otherwise is you are aging.


ta-65-and-bonus_256Life is kinda funny at times.  A few years back I was motoring along minding my own business on the internet doing the fish oil, telomere and anti-aging thing I’ve always done and no one seemed to care much.

Now all of a sudden entering my 12th year I seem to be getting people’s attention again.

Now it would be expected that it is not all good but here are a few rather humorous examples of why I don’t even bother to defend myself any more.

1)      In the past few months I have been accused of being a “Johnny come lately” in the telomere field.

2)      An individual who basically attacked my stance on TA-65 2 years ago resurfaced and “demanded” the same information I gave him then. Either he forgot or he enjoys being angry at me.

3)      A well known anti-aging doctor told a close friend of mine “He is right now but he was wrong then” referring to the fact that the studies and proof he wanted from our book The Immortality Edge were published after the book was published. Why do people always think that a published study happens overnight?  It never seems to occur that the findings may be known by a select group of people in the field before the general public.  Or maybe it just infuriates them that someone gets it before them.

The best thing I can say to that is to quote Mel Brooks from “The History of the World Part 1”.

It’s good to be the king!

The most recent example of what seems to be a growing infuriation with my track record of knowing things first is this comment which applies to the information I am about to tell you.

4)      A scientific colleague of mine who I occasionally bounce my writing off of wrote back after she read the information below and said, “Oh come on now! Fish oil and telomeres again!  That is just a little too convenient! You just wrote a bunch of telomere blogs. Do you pay these people to do the research and give it to you?!”

So I can assure you and her, I do not pay anyone to generate positive press about fish oil. The series of recent anti-fish oil attacks masquerading as science  should convince you of that!

As a matter of fact I do not know most of the people who publish these papers pro or con. I certainly have no idea given the vagaries of scientific publication when anything is going to come out.

I do know this: The wheels of science move slowly- and the wheels of scientific publication move even more slowly. Getting something from study to published article can take several years. This is why I hang out with the people doing the work. Sometimes I can share the facts with you on a very early basis as long as I do not damage the publication with too many specifics.

And while I am at it I may as well tell you that right now as we speak I know things that will not come out as published for at least 1 year even though they have already been peer reviewed. I can also tell you that thanks to some of my readers active participation on our contest I was able to fulfill a promise and fund launch my own studies (with a little help from the same friends from above!).

It’s good to have loyal readers and people who benefit from using my stuff!

So today I want to share an article with you that WAS published. It was published by people I do not know and I did not get any advanced notice.

This study was small like most “supplement” studies. In this study people over 65 with mild cognitive impairment were treated with 3 grams of fish oil for 6 months and compared to those receiving what would be representative of a typical American diet enriched with omega 6 fats. Remember these were the same inflammatory fats that The NCI researchers told us we should eat more of in the infamous “fish oil linked to prostate cancer” nonsense.

The researchers concluded: Telomeric shortening may be attenuated by n-3 PUFA supplementation*

OK just so you know n-3 PUFA’s are the same as fish oil. The 3 gram dose was only half of what I recommend and I think that there would have been an even greater difference had they used a level of fish oil supplementation that would have led to an even better Omega3 to Omega 6 ratio.

Also note the omega 6 people lost more telomere length!

Finally almost 4 years ago Nobel Laureate Liz Blackburn and Dr Farzaneh-Farr showed that higher doses of Omega 3 supplementation led to longer telomeres in heart patients.

Now we have at least 3 human trials that show omega 3 fats slow down the loss of telomeres. Where have you heard that before? Hint: RIGHT HERE IN THESE BLOGS AND MY NEWSLETTERS!

Now you know why I consider my Ultra 85 and TA-65 a perfect combination for telomere health.

I think you know by now my continued and serious research and endorsement of these things is more than just “convenient”.  But it sure is convenient to grow biologically younger as we count more birthdays!

Dr Dave

*As is now a requirement they also said, “more studies are needed”.  I couldn’t agree more!



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Farzaneh-Far RLin JEpel ESHarris WSBlackburn EHWhooley MA.


Division of Cardiology, Room 5G1, San Francisco General Hospital, 1001 Potrero Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA

I can’t start this blog without at least calling your attention on more time to July’s “Fish oil Associated with Prostate Cancer” study. At the time I refuted that study on every level while everyone else was cowering in fear.

I am about to do it again with another big highly touted study that “Has people questioning the value of Omega 3 supplementation for Health”.

Some bullet points are in order from my past blogs as well.

1)     There is a clear cut tendency to publish “loud” contrarian headlines in the media these days especially on the internet. Let’s face it if they just keep telling you what you already know, you are not going to read anything else there and that means no responses to ads and no money for advertising agencies and merchants. Don’t believe me? If you still watch TV try to find any channel that shows “good news”!

2)     There is a clear cut tendency to bash fish oil in exactly the same way. Once again I guess people realized good news doesn’t sell. But if you actually get the news alerts, there has been a ton of good news for Omega 3 and health all through this year. It is just not getting the attention. This includes some of the very same people who jumped on the “Fish oil No Good for…” bandwagon turning coat and saying the opposite in their blogs and news broadcasts. Once again I have to chide my colleagues in medicine for being lazy ignorant and easily cowed by public opinion. Keep in mind Science does not generate that opinion, marketers do!

3)     I have been very clear in my critiques of the studies showing negative results because the conclusions are not justified by those results. Keep in mind finding “no benefit” is far different that “causing harm”! The one exception was the prostate cancer study which directed you to avoid Omega 3’s and eat more Omega 6’s. This is clearly harmful and dangerous advice. This came from the National Cancer Institute. I cannot for the life of me understand why the NCI would want to increase YOUR risk of cancer but that is exactly what following the advice from that study will do in my opinion.

4)     The usual issues are the lack of Omega 3 levels, the lack of ongoing Omega 3 monitoring, the lack of attainment of meaningful levels and conclusions that don’t make sense based on the results.

The current “Fish oil no good for…” study suffers from a number of them and its business as usual, or should I say “science as usual” on a bunch of levels.

The data derive from a highly respected large study that was run over many years to determine the effects of standard medical therapy on women’s health. That study is called the Women’s Health Initiative. I could go into great detail about the major findings of that study here but let me spell it out for you in simple terms.

Hormone replacement therapy as practiced as standard of care in the allopathic medical community for several decades greatly increased the risk of heart attack, stroke, urinary incontinence, breast cancer, and blood clots and may decrease the risk of colon cancer and bone loss.

Two things that were swept under the run in these conclusions were: the commercial estrogens used have little resemblance to human estrogens. In fact they are made from horse pee which contains over 20 different estrogenic compounds that are very different than human estrogens. Some of those compounds have not yet been chemically identified, characterized or thoroughly investigated for their properties in humans. Secondly they did say much about who was responsible for this. Drug companies and doctors.

Speaking of Drug Companies the largest manufacturer of estrogen products, Wyeth saw its profits drop dramatically after the findings of the WHI study implicated Premarin and Provera on such a wide scale. Subsequently they filed a “citizen’s petition” against the use of bio identical hormone therapy and the FDA has jumped on board citing “lack of scientific evidence” that bio identical therapy is different or better. This is true if you restrict your scientific evidence to only U.S, based studies. Not so if you read European and other literature where there is more widespread use of bio identical hormones and less drug company dominance.

Also is anyone else wondering how a drug company can be considered a “citizen”? Only in America!

The short version of the WHI findings is that they are made for TV and the internet. In other words they are ALL BAD NEWS without one shred of hope for anything that was studied. Score one for modern medicine huh?!

With that in mind let’s look today’s topic, the sub group analysis of this wonderful study done years after it was terminated found about Omega 3 levels. Yes that is right, The WHI is long dead, but there must have been some blood hanging around frozen. I am not an expert in blood storage but the WHI started in 1991 and ended 15 years later in 2006- 7 years ago. I have to wonder about the validity of using 7 year old blood to draw widespread conclusions but as I said I am not an expert in that. The authors do freely disclose “accidental thawing” of the samples allowing a temperature rise of 108 degrees Farenheit for over 2 weeks and then back tracking to do a study to show the effects of their mistake.

Here is what they said about that:  “Results from these experiments were used to develop             regression calibration equations and estimate subjects’ predegradation. “  Did you get all that!? Ok so just so you know the samples were supposed to be stored at -112F and they were allowed to approach 0 for over 2 weeks.

Next, the actual time from the single sample they drew to the first “brain” test was a median of 3 years

Ok enough of bashing their design and execution, back to the study findings: In a reasonably large group of women (well over 2000) the researchers from the University of Iowa found that increasing Omega 3 levels in older women did nothing to statistically alter a woman’s ability to think. Firstly notice it did not say it made them worse, it said there was no effect. Does that really get translated well with: Fish oil no good for…” internet headlines?

Or do you immediately think something “bad” when you read the words “NO GOOD!”

Next there was no attempt or mention of supplementation or dietary habits at all.

As a matter of fact the conclusion was drawn from a SINGLE blood measurement of Omega 3 content (in RBC membranes) This is almost exactly the way I have used the Ideal Omega test until Sept. 1 before the Government decided it needs to be regulated-effectively removing it from internet distribution!.

So from a single blood test done once with no follow up, the conclusions were drawn after 6 years. Anyone else think that is fishy?  It seems to me that people’s Omega 3 levels are very much variable and need to be rechecked at least 2X a year depending on diet, supplementation, activity level, and stressors.

But wait there is more and here is where the science gets even more confusing and fishy!

The women were stratified into 4 “tertiles” according to their Omega 3 levels. So I decided to look at those levels and see what they actually meant.

For those of you who attended either of the 2 free omega 3 teleseminars you will really understand this since it relates to the values we (you and I) were able to get from those Ideal Omega test kits I can no longer sell!

In the WHI study the “High” group of omega 3 had the equivalent of 34% omega3 and 66% Omega 6. In other words they were floridly Omega 3 deficient and Omega 6 dominant the only time they were sampled.

So using the criteria the researchers were allowed to use to draw their conclusions I am allowed to draw this one: The WHI study shows that a population of elderly women who at their very best have a very low level of Omega 3 in their blood and are therefore Omega 6 dominant get no benefit from their lack of Omega 3!

Come on people! It’s not rocket science. If you are Omega 3 deficient you cannot expect to be healthier than the rest of the population which is also Omega 3 deficient.

Keep in mind these people where the “Best” of the bunch.  I shudder to think what the lowest tertile looked like.

As a matter of fact I have a challenge for the folks at the University of Iowa. Go back and look at overall morbidity and mortality from vascular disease and cancer. I would bet that even the low Omega levels seen in the “best” or “highest” group were protective against some of these age related diseases compared to the lowest group.

So what is the final conclusion? If you are going to bother to pay attention to your Omega 3 levels and I think you should since they are probably the most predictive of what is going to happen to you overall, then eat, or supplement to a level that actually means something. What is “high dose”?

High Dose to me is above the level where our ancestors routinely ran and where the hunter gatherer/fisher populations that have a fraction of our Western diseases run today. That would mean Higher than 70% omega 3 and 30% Omega 6- exactly the opposite values of the “high” group in this study.

I do want to give one Neurologist in particular a lot of credit for telling it like it is.

Peter Whitehouse MD said, “You cannot conclude from this study that having omega-3 in your diet is not important for your brain health and for your body health as well. They are important for practically all aspects of body health particularly heart – it may also affect other things like risk for cancers,”

Dr. Whitehouse has no doubt read all the “Fish oil no good for…” studies as well and is not duped by bad science.

In defense of the researchers at the University of Iowa who released this study, they are not making any wild negative conclusions either and are simply reporting the data on what is at best a poorly designed study with several potential error sources.

They did their job- they got published in a major journal. You can infer a lot about the quality of the journal by the studies it publishes but again no one is making those associations.

They are also not telling you what I just told you which are massively important!

They are doing their job and I am doing mine-educating you!

Stay tuned because there is a lot more fun interesting and POSITIVE stuff you can learn to help yourself stay young and healthy!



Neurology Sept 25, 2013

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Cognitive aging

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I recently heard one of the most amusing criticisms of my work and our book “The Immortality Edge

A dear friend of mine who finally after 3 years of watching and waiting decided to bite the bullet and start TA-65 told me about this last week. He lives in South Florida an area that is rich with famous anti-aging doctors. During a conversation with one of the more famous of our breed and a name you would recognize if I told you he related my work, the book and his decision to go on TA-65 to this famous anti-aging doctor. He made the “mistake” of adding how far ahead of my time I was in this area.

The response of the doctor was, “Well he’s right now but he was wrong then!”

Think about that for a moment. It pretty much summarizes the attitude of a lot of people when it comes to telomerase therapy and research. Basically I am being chastised for being ahead of my time and not waiting until everyone else jumped on board and said it was OK. I am being scolded for being at the cutting edge instead of on the caboose. Maybe just maybe there is a little jealousy there, who knows, who cares.

If you look at our Amazon reviews you will see one very active one from a reviewer who said I was “speculative”. Now that everything I have said has been borne out to be true and telomerase therapy seems to be the only current valid way of extending mammalian life span do you think this individual would write back and say, “Ok you were right!”? Not a chance!

Not even a “Well you are right now but you were wrong then!” Even that requires too much effort attention and follow up in this leave your opinion and forget about it world. The problem is the leaving of the opinion seems more important to most people than the actual facts and the chance to learn something.

Honestly I don’t really expect my colleagues who fight with me to change their opinion. They are fighting with their egos not their brains and it does me no good to waste the energy. I just tell it like I see and give as many reasons why I see it that way and you have to decide.

So the rest of this blog will be a synopsis of some of the more recent things you might want to know.

A reasonably large study from the University of Utah recently added yet another link between telomere length and longevity specifically,

“Shorter telomeres were linked to a threefold increase in the risk of death from heart disease, and an eightfold increase in the risk of death from infection. It looks as if telomere length is a key predictor of survival in humans, as a marker of aging and age-related disease” courtesy of

While the site mistakenly says this is the first time human longevity has been linked to telomere length it does cite another “brick in the wall” so to speak for telomeres and healthspan/lifespan.

Some of you probably have already seen the testimonial for TA-65 from Men’s Journal. Miami tight end Dustin Keller “claimed that TA-65 gave him immense improvements in his physical performance, including a beefed up immune system as well as shorter recovery times.”

Those of you who remember my long ago blog about how TA-65 improved my running so much and so fast from 4 years ago will understand this is exactly what we’d expect to see.  Bill Andrews super telomere scientist and head of the team that identified the human telomerase gene while at Geron was transformed from a back of the pack runner to a leader in his age group in short order.

I would venture that none of the three of us, me Andrews or Keller have had a cold as long as we’ve been on TA-65.

And then there was the ultra marathon runner study that should telomere lengths in these people equivalent to 5 years longer lifespan. Now that study is not conclusive in my book because it used the often inaccurate QPCR technique to measure telomere length and did not measure the true biologic age of the runners via the Life length assay.

But it was certainly suggestive.

And then of course there was the now famous Farzeneh-Farr Blackburn study that came out 2 years after my supplement chapter in The Immortality Edge made statements about the protective effect of fish oil on telomeres based on my own research with Bill Andrew’s Sierra Sciences lab.

Let’s not forget the JAMA article that happened well after the book was written and right about the time it was published where my comments about the protective effects of telomerase and long telomeres and cancer were bolstered when the study found a link between short telomere length and severity and incidence of numerous cancers.

The effects of stress smoking and obesity all detailed in the book have also been proven on several occasions.

The there were several studies by Maria Blasco showing the validity of the mouse model for human aging, extension of mammalian lifespan by as much as 25% and the significant improvement of healthspan by TA-65 with no increase in cancer in any of these studies were telomerase was turned on.

So pretty much everything we said in the book has come to pass as true.

And what have I been up to since then?

Three new products just this past year including Ultra 85 Fish Oil, RG cell stem cell activating cream, and the newly formulated Telomere Edge Packs.

Then there are the 2 new books I have been researching, and the many trips to Madrid to see super scientist Maria Blasco that have been part of that.

My next foray is to tie the knot between stem cells and telomerase as tightly as I can and help you be able to do something unique about it. In the process I will as always be the guinea pig so you don’t have to!

I may be wrong about it now but chances are I will be right about it in a few years!

In the meantime all the work research and standing behind TA-65 when few others were is making me look pretty good right now. As a matter of fact I have biologically “deaged” 7 years since I started TA-65 using the Life Length Assay as documentation.

This is the only test I will trust for any future telomere testing for myself and any individual who is following their therapy and/or telomere length.

As always you’ll hear of my adventures first hand and in most cases you’ll have the chance to do the same things I did if you want, once I have vetted everything out.

Finally you need to know something about me: I am not that smart. But I have really smart friends that I need to thank. They include Mike Fossel, Cal Harley, Greta Blackburn, Maria Blasco, Jerry Shay, Bill Lands, Joe Raffaele. JC Santana and Rafael Gonzalez all of whom help me stay on the cutting edge of what matters to you and me: staying young and staying healthy.


OK it’s time to come clean. And now that I’ve died and become a disembodied spirit because of my long term consumption of high dose fish oil. I thought I may as well confess another lie to you.

Ultra 85 is really not fish oil.  Technically at least. You see “real fish oil” as it comes from the fish contains only about 30% EPA and DHA which are really the only known relevant Omega 3 fatty acids. The rest of fish oil is other fatty acids including in the case of Tilapia and most farm raised fish, a significant amount of Omega 6 inflammatory fatty acid and a lot of other non essential fats that are used for calories.

But because highly purified highly concentrated Omega 3’s are not exactly what is found in fish a better term for Ultra 85 would be “highly concentrated EPA and DHA”.

I think you’ll forgive me, “fish oil” just sounds better.

And yet there are some other differences that need to be clarified because there is so much bad information out there as witnessed by the whole “fish oil and prostate cancer” nonsense I wrote about recently.

But first the disclaimer: I make and take fish oil in what most people would consider large doses. I use the dose I need to keep my Omega 3 levels in the 60+ % range because this is the range that populations that age well and have the lowest incidence of heart disease and cancer  have. I measure my levels every couple of months with the Ideal Omega test.

Much of what I am going to tell you is contrary to what you will read and even hear from so called experts. It especially contradicts the “just eat fish” and/or “natural triglyceride” stuff. As always I will give scientific reasons to prove my point.

1)      The first thing you need to understand is something I have already told you: Fish are not magical. If there is any magic to be had it comes from EPA and DHA the actual essential fats that fish provide. Fish do have Vitamin D and protein all of which is good, but from the standpoint of fatty acid biology, EPA and DHA is where its at!

2)      The ratio of anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fats to Inflammatory Omega 6 is the main source of inflammation in your body.  While not the only source of free radicals and inflammation it should come as no surprise that these things which either part of your diet or not are the biggest things you can do to fix or increase damage.  Because most people eat everyday several times a day this is the biggest most important way to control your “inflammation stat” which ultimately is the biggest thing that determines your long term health.

3)      Omega 3 fats are oxidized in the body. This is a normal natural thing and your body is able to handle it provided:  a) you have enough intact Omega 3’s in your diet to replace the oxidized ones and b) Your Omega 6 levels are not too high. Most people in this country are 3X higher than they should be with Omega 6.

4)      Said another way #3 means the Omega 6 levels in your body reflect the degree of damage oxidized Omega 3 can do to you. The fault is not the Omega 3 it’s the Omega 6. Don’t blame fish oil, blamed the lousy diet we eat!

5)      Natural triglyceride fish oil is not “better” for you than Ethyl Ester fish oil. Natural triglyceride fish oil is only 30% essential EPA and DHA and is often not in the proportions needed to give the main benefits of EPA and DHA. It is also unpurified and therefore contains whatever toxins are in the waters the fish is harvested from. Ethyl ester fish oil can be concentrated to contain the highest proportion of DHA and EPA and deliver it toxin free.

6)      The ultimate absorption of natural triglycerides is not “better” than Ethyl Ester. It is simply faster. The natural triglyceride fans often cite numbers like 70% absorption for their fish oil and only 21% for Ethyl Ester. This is true if you measure at one hour. They leave out several facts. The sustained slow uptake of Ethyl Ester fish oil over 24 hours provides much better protection from cardiac events as does the superior tissue recovery of Ethyl Esters in the face of ischemic events (references below)

7)      Two fish meals a week is not anywhere near enough to fix the Omega 3 Omega 6 imbalances that occur in this country and other Western nations. The various cardiology societies have defined 2 fish meals a week or at most 3 grams a day of fish oil as “enough”. They conveniently leave out any mention of optimal EPA/DHA levels because they never bother to measure them. If they did they would see that eating fish 2x a week in particular is under dosing the Omega 3’s in a big way. Even if you ate fish everyday once a day you would not get enough to fix the imbalances. Take a look at the mg in the chart below and keep in mind the average American needs at least 6000mg to fix the imbalance.

epa dha graph of sources

Even if you were eating a very high Omega 3 fish like salmon you would need to eat it at least 2x a day everyday and then you would be risking toxin exposure.

8)      It is indeed possible to fix this imbalance with diet alone and I am currently working on 2 separate books which will provide information on how to do that. But you are NOT going to like the food choices you have to make and you have to diligently avoid omega6’s. Sadly and simply put in this case it is just easier to take fish oil supplements! But you do have the option of drastically lowering your Omega 6’s ( hint give up all processed foods most nuts and avocados and eat lots of fish every day and hope it comes from a clean ocean!

9)      When a fish oil trial has shown benefits like cardiac protection it has used Ethyl Ester fish oil not triglyceride. As a matter of fact when the krill marketers want to try to prove superiority to fish oil they ALWAYS use a triglyceride and NEVER use Ethyl Ester fish oil. I will let you guess why.

10)   They say Ethyl Esters are not natural. This is true if you are talking about fish. But human beings normally use the Ethyl Ester form of Omega 3’s for both storage and biochemical reactions. They may not be natural to fish but they are to people!

Ultra 85 is 85 to 92% pure EPA and DHA. It is as clean and toxin free as it can be. I take at least 6 a day and have a very good Omega 3 level as a result. It tastes great, does not cause burping or reflux and if you don’t like capsules or want to give it to kids who don’t want to swallow capsules just bite in and swallow the pleasant tasting orange flavored (natural citrus rind derived!)  oil and spit the cap out!

I have covered a lot today but believe it or not there is a ton more.

Here are the take home points:

Most people in  this country will be unwilling to make the dietary changes needed to reduce Omega 6’s and increase Omega 3’s which is why I make a pure highly concentrated fish oil.

Fish and natural triglyceride oils cannot compare in clinical end points to ethyl esters, in purity to ethyl esters or in concentration. You would have to take 3X the amount of “natural triglyceride” fish oils or 18 caps a day to reach the levels you need to mimic those populations that have healthy Omega 3 levels.

Only ethyl esters can be concentrated and purified. Only ethyl esters offer sustained long slow absorption. The major cardiac trials all used ethyl esters: not krill not triglyceride.

Most of what people tell you about fish oil is a lie! Again last week’s prostate cancer debacle was a classic example

Then again I did lie to you too because ultra 85 is technically not fish oil. Its super pure highly concentrated perfectly proportioned essential omega 3’s.

I told ya fish oil just sounds better!




I occasionally happen across expert blogs and columns by other doctors who are called on for their expertise. Recently one such physician surprisingly skipped the whole fish oil and prostate cancer nonsense and dug up another negative study” Fish oil No Good for Heart Disease” from way back in the Spring.

Now in this guy’s defense I saw a posting today from him where he actually says “We all know fish oil is good for your heart!”  Wow talk about a turn around. In less than 24 hours we have a complete reversal of point of view.

One thing you have to admit about me: I am consistent!

Here is my response to the negative comments about fish oil and heart disease.


Sir, I read with interest your blog conclusion that fish oil has failed to demonstrate benefit in numerous clinical trials. I wonder if you could answer the following for me concerning the Harvard study:


1) What was the dose of supplementation?

2) What was the format of supplementation – ethyl ester or triglyceride. It makes a difference since the actual bio active molecules EPA and DHA are found in significantly different percentages in the two different formats

3) What was the omega3/6 ration achieved in the trial

4) Was said ratio anywhere near what the epidemiologic data suggests is expected to reduce cardiac disease and stroke e.g. 60-70% omega 3 with 40 to 30% Omega 6

5) What other medications might have interfered with the effects of Omega 3’s

6) How long did these people carry the diagnosis of heart disease before they were exposed to fish oil supplementation

7) Were any follow up levels done to see if there was compliance and continuation of the supplement other than the word of the participants?


There has been a finger stick test(s) available cheaply with 95% accuracy compared to tissue sampling (tissue sampling not just venopuncture!) for the past 5 years at least so cost and accuracy are not an issue for any study with even minimal funding.


I am just guessing that the answers to the above are no or I don’t know since I saw that study and actually read it front to back and I do not recall one of those things was addressed other than the dosage which while it fits the party line recommendations was essentially too low to impact the Omega 3 content of a human body especially if it was 30% triglyceride based.


If this were a prescription drug and you were told it was added to see what it did to already maximal therapy in already sick people in a dose that was most likely nowhere near what was needed to have an impact and no clinical measurements were done to follow dosing/compliance of that drug would you consider that a valid study?


If you take the time to investigate the 2 fish meals a week recommendation and what it will actually do to Omega 3 levels you will find there is no basis for this either. Similarly if you take the time to investigate whether there are any relevant clinical end points concerning fish oil and bleeding, fish oil and immunosuppression and or immune surveillance you will also find there is no clinical human data to support those recommendations.


You will find Omega 3 supplementation being used to suppress Vtach, post op malnutrition, no risk with anti-platelet agents such as clopidegrel, no increased risk of bleeding complications in cardiac surgery etc. You will also find NK and cyto toxic T cell suppression which is extrapolated to mean an increased risk of infection. They leave out the fact that the average American in the study has an O3 level of 1/20 that in non diseased populations and the suppression of T cells etc is the result of restoring the normal level of inflammation in an inflamed population. You will not find any increases in infection rate. You will find a study that made headlines recently interpreted as “Fish oil could worsen High Blood Pressure” If you look at that study you will find the “scientific” basis for the myth that ethyl ester omega 3’s are not worthwhile and other formats might be. You will find that study was done with DHA only not EPA and DHA and that the warnings are based on the extrapolation of rat data to human disease. What you will not find is any comment that suggests the authors of the study researched the difference between omega 3/6 processing in omnivores (people) and herbivores (mice and rats). Similarly you will not find any mention that they consulted prior studies that showed that the metabolism of these fats in the two different species yields different ratios of eicosanoids, AA, resolvins iso prostanes and tissue stores and all of the attendant differences one would expect to find in animals that use food sources that are different from ours and have a different biochemistry attached to them than we do. You will merely find a conclusion that spread often by doctors that ethyl ester fish oil might be dangerous in people with HTN. You will also not find the conclusions of the numerous GISSI studies that showed completely different findings in studies whose n was over 15.000 each.


You will find the now famous and still touted Brasky study of last month equating fish oil to massive increases in prostate cancer did not answer any of the above questions either with one big exception. They did do a one-time level of Omega 3’s on the participants. The actual variation between all groups was 0.2% cancer or no cancer , aggressive or low grade, You will find the actual omega 3 level in all these people was a median of 22% which is the median for the US without supplementation. You will find in the NIH data base a study by W. E. Lands published in 2005 (Lands,  Lipids 2003 (Apr.); 38: 317–321) that shows primary prevention of heart disease starting at Omega 3 levels of 60% with similar epidemiologic data on cancer dementia auto immune diseases, depression anxiety, post-partum issues etc etc. But you will find all of medicine in this country parroting back fear based recommendations or worse, like Dr Brasky:”People need to consume more foods rich in Omega 6″!  I am not sure how much more inflamed as a society we are supposed to be. And yet you will find scores of doctors writing the following” Based on this study more work on this important question needs to be done!” More work may need to be done but it should not be based on this study unless the media now has injected their fear based reporting into the central agendas of science and medicine.

ON the fear based risk side, there is one historical anecdote to consider however. Lieutenant Robert Peary the famous Arctic explorer is reported to have said the following, “We noticed the natives (Eskimos) bleed rather profusely when shot.” So there is potential risk to high omega 3 levels at least when Arctic explorers are in the vicinity!


Then again who am I to question the work of the prestigious doctors at Mass General and Brigham Women’s.