Generating Power and Smoothness- 2 Body Essentials

After spending some time in the presence of yet another top-notch Yogi, I came to realize the importance of power, heat, and joint preservation.

Now I will leave it up to you to seek out the mobility exercises that foster those two attributes, but today I want to address them from a cellular standpoint.

Let’s start with keeping things oiled up first. If you said fish oil, you are 100% correct, but surprise, surprise, there are other things (I DO NOT make) that you should consider taking for joint lubrication.

Two important ones you can take in addition to your fish oil are (once again not from me, but there are lots of great choices out there) MSM in powdered form and chondroitin sulfate. While neither has quite the track record in maintaining healthy joints that fish oil does, there is enough data out there to make them worth a trial.

Let’s move on to power and heat: the primary source of heat in your body (all areas, including muscles and joints) are the mitochondrial powerhouses. They burn fat and oxygen in a similar fashion to the way your car burns gasoline and air to make energy.

As we age, get stressed, eat poorly, sleep less, or more poorly than we should, the raw materials the mitochondria use to make energy suffer. Then YOU suffer. One way to buffer against these problems is to provide “substrate” material that is used in energy generation.

Co Q is one of the primary substrates in mitochondrial energy generation. But I needed to one-up the usual supplement market out there by providing my Co Q with a major anti-oxidant in the form of Tocotrienol.

Toco Q is a unique mitochondrial formulation that will help support energy generation and let you turn up the heat on your performance.

As an anti-aging tool, it is a documented telomerase activator, as well as anti-oxidant.

This combination makes Toco QE unique among mitochondrial supplements.

Heat or in this case, energy generation and lubrication are two hallmarks of a young body.

Get some here.

Dr. Dave

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