Sleep Your Way Thin – Wouldn’t It Be Great If You Could Lose Fat And Weight While You Sleep?

Did you know you are in the fat burning zone when you sleep. As a matter of fact, fat is probably the only source of fuel for you while you sleep but it’s nowhere near enough for you to impact on your fat stores if you are overweight or are not sleeping enough.

Well, I am here to tell you the sad news; you can’t really lose much of anything while you sleep. I will let some other copywriting team that works for an internet doctor lie to you on that one, but I won’t.

I will tell you this: if you aren’t sleeping around 7 hours or more regularly, you are going to have a really hard time losing any weight permanently.

Research study after research study has shown the same thing over and over again: sleep deprivation hinders weight and fat loss and promotes fat gain.

It does so by the following mechanisms:

  • Tired people don’t work out.
  • Tired people get more tired because their metabolism slows down and prevents fat loss.
  • Tired people do not have enough serotonin so they are apt to eat more sugary starchy “comfort” foods.

The bad news is most of America sleeps far less than 7 hours a night. More bad news: you heard of the Paleolithic Diet from me on several occasions. Well, genetically our Paleolithic makeup is to be athletic and sleep 8 to 9 hours a night. In other words, we are best when we are jocks and jockettes who sleep a lot because that is what we had to do to survive 50,000 years ago when our current genetic foundation was set in stone!

So here are a few suggestions.

If you need help sleeping anywhere near 7 hours a night, try my all natural Sweet Sleep Z. It’s been putting my family and friends to bed for a great night’s sleep since it came out with none of the addictions and side effects of prescription drugs.

If you need help increasing your metabolism and cutting your appetite, try my Mito QE and Energy X Maxx. These will be especially helpful to you if you wake up tired and run out of steam again later in the day.

Finally, never forget the fat burning benefits of fish oil. It should be in anyone’s’ slim down routine every single day.

Simple tools; big rewards!




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