Can You Prevent Diabetes and Heart Disease?

One of the things that make me different from some other internet doctors is that I will not lie to you. Now I will admit there are some pretty far out characters out there with “MD” behind their name but I have yet to meet one that doesn’t know the truth from the lies.

The same cannot be said of their copyrighting teams, which is why when you read my newsletters you are actually reading something written by me.

In addition, if you ever meet me in person there will be no inconsistency with who I am, what I am and what I write. I always have to laugh when people meet their heroes for the first time and they are nothing like what they thought!

Odds are they are they are not the people who actually write what you read!

So I am not going to lie to you and tell you in a headline that you can prevent diabetes and then spend the rest of the newsletter qualifying what I said.

Here is the truth: a small amount of type 2 diabetes and a larger amount of type 1 diabetes is not preventable.

Most people who are type 1 become so relatively early in life. I have also seen a disconcerting trend in what I call clusters of adult onset type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes that seems to happen in the same geographic area or at the same time of the year related to virus spread.

We are probably looking in the wrong direction for type 1 diabetes. We probably need to address auto-immunity and inflammation. I think that fish oil could be a huge help here IF you are on it when your immune system and pancreas are challenged, not afterward as much.

The majority of our population is now type 2 diabetes. Once called “adult onset” we had to rename it because between sugar loading our food, inflammatory artificial fats and sedentary lifestyles, we’ve now managed to give it to little children, adolescents and teens too!

Congratulations to Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Media for the endless distractions that sit us on our butts and to yes, you and I for not following our gut and doing the two things that would prevent it and teaching our children and loved ones these words: eat less, move more!

Ok off the soapbox. Here is how you prevent type 2 diabetes…

*Eat less
*Move more
*Go on a Paleolithic or near Paleolithic diet
*Adopt a regular exercise program
*Take fish oil! And Balance your sugar levels.


Now because most people will not do all those things and more people will take a pill than eating less or moving more, I am happy to tell you that fish oil is a great thing whether you have diabetes or not.

It improves insulin sensitivity.

It improves fat burning and lean body mass.

It decreases inflammation and this is important because we used to say you eat too much sugar and you burn out your pancreas and then you get diabetes. I am sure this explanation is still being given to people across the country in doctors’ offices.

What really happens is the inflammation in our body skyrockets because of excess sugar and excess insulin and we INFLAME our pancreases to the point of burn out.

So once again the anti-inflammatory actions of fish oil are critical.

So odds are that you and I can prevent diabetes. And this reduces our odds of heart disease 6 fold.

The only real question is do you love your body and yourself and your loved ones enough to take the best, cleanest and most potent fish oil out there instead of some off shore cheap contaminated brand sold in bulk by large retailers.

If you want the best, it lives right here: Ultra Potent Fish oil

Get it now take it every day and know you are doing something amazing for yourself. Something nothing else can do!

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