Spread the Word, Not the Virus

“Fear is the Mind Killer!” Paul M’aud Dib- Dune

It’s pretty clear that Panic is not healthy and suppresses your immune system, especially if the stress and fear it causes are chronic. Specifically, is sways the balance between T Helper Cells and T Suppressor cells towards “Suppression”. It can also inhibit the reactivity of the NK cells (Natural Killer) the first line of defense.

I have found the best way to combat stress is to take action against the threats that are causing it and to prepare like wise when you know its there or might be coming.

In a recent email on sleep and its effect on the body, I detailed the effects of Sleep Deprivation on the surface immunoglobin, IgA and the sympathetic (fight of flight system) and the parasympathetic calm system along with the catecholamines released by your adrenal glands during panic. I mentioned this is why some folks are taking 1 Sweet Sleep Z if they wake up stressed, not to go back to sleep, but to avoid panicked thinking and fear-based rumination.

Yesterday and today I am featuring “Home Made Covid Killers” on David Woynarowski Facebook and Dr Dave Woynarowski Instagram. For the most part I’m not selling them because you can make them yourself relatively inexpensively and without waiting for us to stock them.

I’m also not going back into the Essential Oils Business except for Cold and Flu Oil which is a throwback to the formula I made in 2002-2005 and is needed very badly now. You can look for that in just a few days.

In the meantime, you can use my Homemade Covid Killers* to spread the word- Not the Virus!

Dr Dave

*The essential oils used in these formulations are considered part of CAM- complimentary Alternative Medicine and no claims of curing disease can be made or interpreted, however prevention is possible for some bacteria and viruses so they may be considered as “potentially preventative”! None of the featured information is a substitute for any of the currently recommended measures including Social Isolation but may be used in conjunction with the current recommendations!

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