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The run on our amazing products has not surprisingly continued during this panicdemic. The god news is that I actually have gotten to “know” many more of you through the communication channels we have including Instagram and Facebook as well as our own web forums.

And, very few if any of you are panicking. Bravo!!! I am going to do an email on panic and the immune system but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a stem cell expert to figure out its not good for you!!!!

I am gratified to see most people doing every sane thing they can to bolster their health and their immunity including the use of my nutraceuticals on a daily basis,

Speaking of which: Young life Daily is now officially on back order (again!). We expect a big shipment in the coming 2-3 weeks. Back orders are filled on first come first served basis so if its in your routine and you are out or running low NOW is the time to order it. This was the hardest one I ever created because its so very different than other multis!

Next Brain Force One is almost gone but its not on backorder yet. That will surely happen this week! Several of you have commented that it helps keep you calm, centered and the creative aspect helps prevent boredom!!!! I couldn’t agree more. The lemon balm in it tends to calm down the panic- fight or flight reflex. So, if you need help with your mood, your mind, controlling your thoughts or just plain old keeping calm this is it.

Some people have let me know they are taking Sweet Sleep Z to stay calm. While I do not indicate it for that it does work but we are down to our last few bottles. Unsurprisingly, our Fish Oil stocks have also been pretty well depleted.

Finally, the Best News Ever!!!

The 50 bottles of Telokynase (which sold out the entire stock in just a few days) is due to arrive in 72 hours so the backorder on this is very short. BUT we only have 50 bottles. More than one person is telling me they have gone to 2 a day for extra protection. I can tell you this much legally. There is a gigantic LD 5 (not 50! 5!!!!) on this. The LD 5 is the dose at which the molecule kills 5% of the cells that are exposed to it. That number is over 400X the amount in the entire bottle. I do not recommend taking the entire bottle though!

All I’m trying to tell you is that 2 a day, which is what I actually take, is completely safe! We did all testing including our stem cell testing and viral testing at 1 a day equivalent. The anti-cancer tests which I do not speak of to avoid scrutiny from you know who were done at much higher doses. This is how we know the lethal dose levels- you have to run control tests against the cells you are trying to treat, so there were non-cancerous cells as controls.

I think you get the idea as far as testing. I defy you to find ANY company that can test the way I do especially in Human stem cells. The only other company I know that claims to enhance stem cell biology used mouse cells and did not actually run the experiment themselves!

A final reminder on Telokynase – it is a telomerase supplement first and foremost. Its effects on immunity are mitigated through the telomerase/T Helper system and preserving the “stemness” of stem cells at least as far as I can say at the current level of testing. When things settle down, I’ll write some more to you about these effects on aging because that is, was and always will be my life’s mission: To reduce the burden of suffering that aging brings!

The immune system is the central system to address in aging as well as much of what we are facing. Interfering with the virus replication and vaccinations may help but people will only get better once their immune systems are able to join the fight.

Immunosenescense or other immune weakness is at the root of virtually all of the COVID-19 deaths and serious illnesses you are hearing about. No one is coming out and saying that but I am!!!*

Anyway, I am so glad to hear so many of you are doing well. Honestly not one person has contacted me with any kind of serious illness. Go Figure!!!

Stay strong, stay happy, have fun and have faith!!! This will pass and we can pop out the other side stronger and healthier than ever!!!!

Dr Dave

*An article written by Italian doctors in JAMA just the other day noted that most of the deaths had co morbid conditions but these conditions were not listed in/as cause of death- COVID-19 was. That tells you a lot!!! Then please look at the morbidity and mortality for young health and middle aged healthy people and keep everything in perspective. If you approach this rationally panic is the LAST Thing you will do!!

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