My Mantra Spread the Word Not the Virus!

I mentioned in this morning’s email we had 50 bottles of Telokynase. Well, that was this morning. It’s going faster than anticipated so if you want to cover yourself during the viral season NOW would be a really good time to grab some. Dose is 1 (some are using 2!) a day and there are 30 caps in the bottle.

The next shipment is due in late May early June!!!!

I am so looking forward to then for lots of reasons but mainly so I can focus on its telomerase activities.

My own personal stock was also depleted when I opened it up for sale last week because of the virus! I did save 3 bottles for yours truly to get me through to the next shipment.

Also, we are still running the special on the Immortality Edge Packs. We had 1000 bottles at the start of the pandemic. I can’t give you an accurate count because I am not currently at the warehouse but I’d guess its less than 250 left.

And yes, the do have additive effects, Telokynase and the Immortality Edge Packs.

We’ve got another 30 days to go for this, at least at this juncture. So far NOT ONE of my customers has reported getting sick!!!!

Keep up the Fantastic Work!!!

Blessings and Great Health Always!

Dr D

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