TA-65, Telomeres and Cancer, Yet Again

Parallel_telomere_quadrupleI am not sure how many times I’ve said that longer telomeres protect against cancer. Probably almost as many times as I’ve had to refute someone saying “telomerase causes cancer therefore TA-65 might cause cancer.”

Back in December 2010 JAMA a very drug centric Big Pharma supported journal published a study that associated short telomere lengths with more cancer and worse cancer and vice versa. Conclusion: short telomeres are associated with cancer and long ones are not.  Then came the attacks

“What about those tumors that have longer telomeres like glioblastoma?”

Answer: those tumors use the ALT mechanism to lengthen their telomeres which does not involve telomerase. This mechanism, ALT, is however associated with the same genetic (or if you prefer genomic) instability that is caused by short telomeres because the recombination of ALT ruins the integrity of the genome, similar to the way short telomeres allow the genome to become unstable.

The common pathway is genome instability.

So over the past 5 years or so I’ve been fighting a slowly winning battle to convince more and more people that having longer telomeres or more specifically fewer critically short ones is a good thing associated with better health and potentially longer life.

Along with this I have been saying that because the immune stimulation, something TA-65 does really well, having healthier telomeres may turn out to be cancer protective.

I have also been asked, “If you got cancer would you keep taking TA-65?” My answer is: I would take more!!! Or more specifically I would take high dose (4 a day) more frequently that once a day.”

Now here is the disclaimer part:

I am telling you what I would do, not what you should do. If you are worried about cancer or have cancer, the usual advice must apply- talk to YOUR doctor! Do not interpret what I have said here to mean that TA-65 is in any way cancer protective or a cancer treatment, and know clearly that what I have said here is contrary to the advice 99.99% physicians in advanced countries with advanced Pharmaceutical Industries would tell you.

But while you are at it read this:


It basically says that cancer cells try to keep their telomeres short because it facilitates their “cancer like” behavior. It also says that lengthening telomeres would increase the differentiation of the cell into a less cancer like form that may not have the immortal and aggressive characteristics of a cancer.

And finally think about what I’ve been telling you for the past 5 years and watch for more and more supporting evidence.

Stay well and have fun!



3 thoughts on “TA-65, Telomeres and Cancer, Yet Again”

  1. Dear Dr Dave, i am coming up for 39 and my hair has been thinning out the last couple of years and recedeing. Can ta-65 stop this and is there a way to deliver ta-65 quickly to hair follicles and hairbulbs orally. Alot of trichogists blame hormones and dht, if that is the case can ta-65 combat this and what would be the recommended dosage be for hairloss, im kinda thinking of 2capsules per day? Also alot of trichologists forget to address cellular ageing. Thank you, look forwards to hearing your thoughts on this. Best wishes, Rik.

    1. Rik, we have had many reports of hair thickening and even a few of gray hair reversal, but these are “anecdotal” meaning they have not been studied. I can tell you also having the correct Omega3/6 balance is a major issue for hair growth/loss and hormonal balance. At 39, 2 a day of TA-65 should be ideal.
      Dr Dave

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