What is a healthy diet?

Actually it’s much easier to tell you what is NOT a healthy diet, but I suspect you already know that. The problem is not in knowing what to avoid: processed foods, Trans and hydrogenated fats, refined sugars, etc. The real problem occurs when you consider what to include and of course the sneaky little trick Mother Nature plays on us when we overdo certain “natural” items.

If you intuited I am talking about Omega 6 natural fats, you are correct. We do a poor job of avoiding them and if you listen to traditional “healthy diet” advice, you are sure to wind up very Omega 6 dominant. In case you’ve been asleep for the past 10 years, I will simply remind you that being Omega 6 dominant means you are inflamed — chronically.

I myself am reminded of this, along with the issues of eating healthy by the bevy of recent Ideal Omega Test results, returned to me from our recent appearance at the Longevity Now Conference.

In many ways it’s a repeat of previous years. People are told about certain things and make certain assumptions. The big assumption is that they are on a healthy diet. Sadly, most are floridly Omega 6 dominant (inflamed). In fact, some of the lowest values come from this group who are eating what they consider to be a healthy diet. Indeed it IS a healthy diet with this one gigantic exception. I have asked them to fix it with fish oil since the new Ultra 85 lowers the needed dose by about 33% and provides the most concentrated product on the market.

I get the inevitable “flax, chia and hemp” questions but this audience proves time and again these are poor substitutes for fish oil.

Now what is the basis for “healthy” provided by a high ratio of anti-inflammatory Omega 3’s?

Well, if you look at populations that consume lots of 3’s and have a high 3 to 6 ratio, you see far less heart disease, stroke, dementia, auto immunity, depression, cancer and numerous other illnesses.  Attempts to lay this at the feet of some “genetic” magic are false because the populations that do this, though few and far in between, are from totally different genetic backgrounds.

They do all have one thing in common though.  They live healthy for much of their lives.

If that appeals to you, I have two simple suggestions.

1)      Take 6 grams of Ultra Potent Fiish Oil daily.

2)      Test your Omega 3 levels every 3 to 6 months or with any major change in diet or exercise.

You can’t go wrong by focusing on this for your healthy diet and healthy life!


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