In a world of hurt and delay and uncertainty I have some fantastic news. Literally the words about my new revised Immune Booster 2.0 were just out of my mouth and onto paper yesterday and lo and behold it appeared at our warehouse just about the time the email went out!

That has never ever happened before- talk about the Law of Attraction!!!

And while we did not get a huge order since that is actually due in November, we did get enough to offer it on subscription as well as single bottles.

Huge cheers and Kudos to our supply chain and a little bit of forethought / foreplay in predicting the need.

So, bottom line it’s here now.

You may remember our original Immune Boost product intro’d in 2005 and RIP’d due to raw material costs skyrocketing in 2012. It was very popular, but as usual for me – ahead of its time. Who would have imagined we’d have COVID! Our big worry then was H5N1 “bird flu”. And then again, we had H1N1 in 2009 totaling over 60 million cases. If you are keeping score Covid is now at roughly 14.5 million cases so just another 45 million cases to go and it will exceed H1N1.

Whether you think it’s going to get there or not its safe to say that one season of an flu like illness is not realistic and with the incredible push to test test and test more I’d say the powers that be will give Covid a real fighting chance of hitting huge numbers even if the mortality rate doesn’t measure up.

Either way I want you to be prepared so Immune Booster 2.0 is on the shelves way early and ready to ship now. We are also offering launch only case pricing that is even more deeply discounted and subscriptions because we learned the stock out lesson of this past pandemic!

We are also offering combos on the Covid Wellness kits (masks and essential oil) plus the Immune Booster 2.0 and the Immune Wellness Kit which is the masks, the Oils and Immune Booster 2.0.

My advice stock up on three things: one of the above Immune protections, toilet paper and latex gloves!

It’s not like you are not going to use them.

Man, when I think of what I was doing last summer at this time versus now it feels like a different lifetime~

All good though so stay Healthy, Happy, and Productive. If you need lessons on those I’m always here!!!

Dr Dave

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