Surge, Recurrence Immunity and Volatility

I suppose the best of those three words to describe what our current situation is volatility. I will not rehash my feelings about the current public health crisis. I have made them crystal clear many times and for me nothing has changed. We remain in a grid lock for divisiveness and differences of opinion that will not be resolved this flu season.

I will repeat only one thing: fear was not the ultimate goal! Doubt is. Doubt is much more globally and personally immobilizing than fear, which can motivate action.

And yet the “cure” for both is to take action.

So rather than get mired in debates about the veracity of the news, politics and public health I’ll simply say TAKE ACTION!

I will also remind you that I personally do everything I say.

So, here is what I will be doing. Washing my hands with the essential oil ethyl alcohol aloe based hand cleanser I make. I gave you the recipe in April on my personal Instagram account. I will ask our social media person to repost it on in case you missed it. Cleaning my house and frequently contacted areas with the custom cleanser I make – again I showed you this on IG and Facebook.

For the record I am eschewing social media personally except for a rare update – too much lies and narcissism for me! But, I will continue the relevant updates on The Longevity Edge accounts.

Next, I will continue using the wonderful COVID Wellness kits especially since the unofficial testing we did in a Puerto Rican hospital cleared the air and all of surfaces of the virus in just a few seconds, That is NOT a medical claim or a peer reviewed publication – it’s just what we saw take it or leave it, believe it or don’t.

But, you can be darn sure I’ll be using THAT!

In addition we recently re-released an update version of our long time friend from the days of Bird Flu, H1N1 SARS and Ebola: Immune Booster 2.0. This is meant for daily prophylactic use during the active viral season which apparently has become a misnomer due to COVID. There is no longer a season- it’s here to stay year round as the unprecedented number of testing in ever more asymptomatic or low symptomatic people attests.

Action always defeats fear and doubt. I have watched so much flailing and falling and faking it but not making it this past year it hurts my heart!!!

I have been blessed and am thriving on all levels. I want that so much for you. Your Immune system is the key to a huge chunk of that in the coming months.

Invest in your health! Invest in Yourself and you WILL thrive in spite of any agenda, machinations or manipulations!

To Your Continued Healthy Longevity!

Dr Dave

PS don’t for get the telomere Immunity connection!

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