Multi Tasking – Not Possible?

Have you been told multi-tasking is not possible? I agree its not possible in a usual state of mind but I can tell you, you can tuck things into your subconscious mind and they will be addressed, dealt with and solved there.

Hypnosis works on this principle as does the “Law of Attraction”. I like hypnosis because you can’t talk yourself out of it the way you can when your conscious mind gets too active.

Now if you want to get serious about multi-tasking look at your own body. It’s constantly performing millions of functions and hopefully many fun tions as well!

The main drivers of your body’s function are your daily habits, just like your mind.

People have asked me in the past and recently what should they take to buffer the slings and arrows of every day stress, the (hopefully) occasional dietary or other indiscretion and how more or less to have some “nutritional insurance” against the poor soil, the difficult labeling practices of our food and the absence on occasion of healthy alternatives.

That is why I created the Daily Dose Pack.

My anti-aging multi is loaded with all of the vitamins and minerals you need to keep your body’s repair ability and repairability at an optimum.

Look, I am pretty diligent with my diet. I am mostly keto but occasionally I travel to places where its more difficult to eat well. For example when I am at my stem cell clinic in Guadalajara. Keto is an unknown quantity in Mexico’s second largest city. Go into a GNC and look for a keto snack or ask for one. Que?

Biz op anyone!!!!

Anywho we can all benefit from the daily habit of a well formulated Multi while we are waiting for the world to catch up to ANY dietary choices we may make!

Young Life Daily is not just for basic nutrition although it does a great service there. It was and is as far as I know the only purpose-built anti-aging multi out there! Now combine it with the mitochondrial supplement Toco Q and my amazing Fish Oil and you have the Unique Daily Dose Pack to cover all the basics.

You can build from there!!!

Here’s to Multi Tasking!!

Dr Dave

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