Clean eating can stop heart disease

Heart disease is currently the number one killer of Americans and has been for decades.

It takes more lives and ends more dreams than cancer. It claims 5x as many lives as infections and strokes.

And in most cases is it is preventable. With the exception of rare genetic mutations, heart disease could be staved off by almost everyone out there by simple changes in eating habits, exercise and a few other lifestyle modifications. NOTICE this “prescription” does not include expensive prescription drugs with side effects.

Of all the things we can do, modifying our diet is probably the most important and the least subjective. If you can’t modify (I know it’s hard around the holidays!) then you’ll want to add in Sugar Balance Support Formula to your regiment. Single bottles and cases are deeply discounted TODAY as part of my holiday flash sales!

The sooner we do it and the longer we continue it throughout our lives the less drastic, uncomfortable and difficult these changes need to be. As a matter of fact as we’ve seen here today eating for heart health can be delicious, fun, and actually cheaper than eating the wrong way.

Another gigantic plus to adopting the principles you learn here is that this kind of eating is healthy for every other part of your body.  As a matter of fact, this kind of nutrition is truly “anti-aging”.

So let’s break it down to a few key principles that I teach.

  1. Your diet needs to contain adequate amounts of Omega 3 anti-inflammatory fats and a lesser amount of Omega 6 inflammatory fats. At the same time it should contain a minimum of processed man-made fats, especially Trans fats.
  2. Your diet needs to contain an adequate balance of nutrients for optimum health along with enough (but just enough) calories to maintain your ideal weight. Hint: This is not the typical Western diet!
  3. Your diet needs to provide more fiber, and phytonutrients like chlorophyll, and plant-based antioxidants. Fixing this lack in your diet alone would yield gigantic benefits
  4. Your diet needs to contain adequate vitamins and minerals to provide “co factors” for the ingredients in #3 to do their job.
  5. Your diet needs to provide adequate “methyl donors” to keep your genetic material intact and free of mutations and age-related damage. You can add methyl donors by eating more green vegetables and making sure you get your B vitamins. If you need help, then Young Life Daily is for you!
  6. Your diet needs to contain as little refined sugar as possible, whether it is “natural, white or cane sugar” or high fructose corn syrup.  As we’ll see, there are some exceptions that will help you satisfy your sweet tooth in the form of fruit and occasionally honey so you won’t have to give up “sweets” totally.
  7. There is no question that vitamin D is important but there is something you should know. Most of the studies on D are “observational”. That means they do not try to establish that Vitamin D is the cause of the benefits. I recently reviewed a study on Omega 3 Fish oil and cancer, wondering about the same thing. In this study everything was the same. Same lab animals, same deliberate placement of the same type of cancer over the same follow up period with the same complete control over other variables. The only difference was the higher the Omega 3 dose, the lower the cancer growth.  So there was no other explanation. This is causality.

But what about Vitamin D? Well, Omega 3’s EPA and DHA (e.g. fish oil) are one of the most important membrane components out there — both cell membrane and nuclear membrane (the nucleus is where your genetic material is). Vitamin D must get into the nucleus to do its job. So if you are concerned enough about Vitamin  D to take it as a supplement, you should be concerned enough to take fish oil so the Vitamin D can have an easier time of getting into the nucleus where it needs to be to do its work! This is also true of the bulk of vitamins you take. The more fluid your cell and other membranes are, the better they will work.

The majority of people could reduce their risk of heart disease dramatically with this kind of eating plan. In the process, their cholesterol values and their blood pressure would improve dramatically as well. The biggest component in terms of the ONE thing you must do is add fish oil to your diet.

So the choice really not to take or not to take fish oil.. It’s just a matter of which one. Since you and I will be taking pretty hefty doses for long time, we do not want mercury, lead or plastic derivatives along with our fish oil. You cannot get a cleaner product than mine.

If you got to the analysis, you’ll see a lot of “less than” signs there. That means the test is at its limit of detection, and that means there is nothing in there that can be measured.

Ultra Potent Fish Oil is the only thing clean enough to put in my body.

How about you?


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