Whenever I talk about longevity I always get hit with the “cost factor”

I hope you caught the initial installment of this yesterday along with the recent blogs on exercise, diet and obesity.

Whenever I talk about longevity I always get hit with the “cost factor”

It is as if I am personally responsible for the cost of things that maintain telomeressuper high quality fish oil, stem cell therapy and the like. Ask anyone who knows me and my company – I do everything I humanly can to get this into as many hands as I can.

More than a few people stated our book The Immortality Edge was all about expensive supplements. Somehow the fact that there were 7 chapters in the book and only one of them was about supplements seems to have been over looked.

Now it is true that the Immortality Edge Packs are the most telomere centric supplement on the planet. It is true that I have added more than 1300 base pairs to my telomeres after years of other interventions I did – all were a factor in that.  It is true that I correlated those results by checking 3 different forms of telomere tests from 3 different companies using 3 different technologies and they were ALL significantly improved well beyond anything that could have been test variations. And it is true that you are normally going to shorten your telomeres and get both chronologically and biologically older instead of chronologically older and biologically younger the way I have and many of my clients have as well.

It is also true that there is nothing else out there that seems to be able to come close to those results. Finally it is true that this product, unique among others does cost a fair amount of money.

The sum total of these truths boils down to this for most people though not all.  Are you worth it? Do you feel that your life and your health are worth that investment , that chance at Improvement? Only you can answer that but the rest of this writing is going to be about something that is pretty much free.

This intervention will not reverse telomere loss

But it will slow it down significantly. This intervention depends not on expensive supplements, or bleeding edge stem cell technology but on you and your ability to control your eating habits.

This intervention requires you to eat a healthy diet long term in order to see both short term immediate benefits and long term health benefits

A recent study In Korea showed that a decade worth of healthy eating with adequate Omegas, vitamins and phytonutrients from a reasonably balanced diet versus a crappy sugar grain fed meat diet could improve the length of the telomere segments.

Now it did take a while but the benefits stayed with people over that time and did not erode. In other words healthy eating led to stable long term improvements in telomere length versus unhealthy eating.  Please do not confuse this with longer telomeres. The healthy eaters did not have longer telomeres 10 years later. The healthy eaters did have longer telomeres than their crappy diet compatriots in this study but EVERYONES telomeres were shorter than 10 years ago. It was a matter of degrees.

Still slowing the loss is a good thing and not to be ignored. Even if you are on a telomere centric supplement such as mine, you should do everything you can to help it do its job.  And if you are not, then it’s a must!


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