Life in the Balance – Balance is the Key to Life

It’s staring us in the face like a big diamond in our very own back yard… A simple, easy thing everyone can do to tip the scales of life in their favor.  So easy, so simple, yet so neglected.

We have it all wrong today with medicine. I say, as a board certified doc with over 20 years of patient experience and thousands of lives improved and not many fewer, actually saved. But, for many of those years, I had it all wrong. Putting your finger in the dike that has sprung so many leaks and not doing something about what is poking holes in the dike, is “bass ackwards thinking” and yet it is at the root of most of what we doctors do today.

If there was one thing I could do for this country and many others, it would be to rebalance the Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratios of our people to closer to 1 to 1.

I am convinced this would reduce heart disease and cancer by 50%

Same for dementias of all kinds, by the same and arthritis and many of the other debilitating diseases we face as we age so unhealthily, in this country, in similar fashion. Throw in a little Vitamin D, some antioxidants and my famous 4 words:” move more, eat less” and you would see a totally different picture of heath in this country.

And it would not be just physical health. It would be mental, behavioral and spiritual heath as well.

Life would be worth living and pursuing, well past the current limit of 80-ish.

The simplest and fastest way to do that

Is to take your fish oil and if you can swallow just a few more pills, upgrade to the Daily Dose Pack. Now that won’t fix a lousy diet, but it will help, more than most things you could do, otherwise. It won’t fix the free radical damage you may have already done, completely, but it should be a great start. Eventually, as you feel better and feel like doing more, you will. Then, my friend, you will at least have a chance to be one of the few select members of the groups of people who are going to live longer and better than most.

Keeping on, the way most people are, will not get your there. Start now and start here!! Daily Dose Pack.

After all, I will need people to come to my hundredth Birthday party!


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