Menopause and “Menopot”

A recent study released from Mass General Hospital (a source of clinical data
for the most supplement unfriendly medical magazine next to JAMA, the New England Journal of Medicine) yielded exciting finding for women with menopausal symptoms.

Perimenopausal depression and moods swings, hot flashes and weight gain may all be combated by fish oil.  This covers the symptoms of menopause
and its attendant weight gain, known as “menopot” nicely.

This is the first time a “reputable” institution has reported such
findings and with their close ties to the gynecologic community, it
is likely that women across the country will soon be treating their
menopausal woes with fish oil.

Here’s hoping they value themselves enough to use the best — Fish
and Super Omega 3.

There is another thing that was not mentioned in this study. Women in particular have gotten almost no benefit from using statin drugs to lower their cholesterol.  It turns out that triglycerides are the major risk factor for heart disease in women, not cholesterol.

Fish oil is a very beneficial way to deal with high triglycerides. No one I know who is on proper doses of my fish oil has high triglycerides any more.

Since heart disease rises rapidly after menopause in women, you might want to let anyone you know in this period of life about fish oil.

Mother Nature takes care of women!


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