Pretty much the whole world understands how important taking Omega 3 fish oil is by now. Every single day a new study comes out on a new problem that is solved or an old illness that is improved by fish oil.

There are even occasional studies published with the intent to discredit the findings, mainly by people trying to save Big Pharma’s “share” of the health care future or ones who are trying to get attention by publishing something negative.

It’s that way for anything that becomes useful until it becomes second nature to everyone and no more questions are asked.

But one question that should always be asked is where the product comes from. The recent purity failures of 13 major fish oil distributors concerning California’s Proposition 65 unearthed a whole new set of questions including the source.

My raw product comes from Norway and Iceland and is processed here in the U.S. First in California, home to Prop 65 so you know it must meet or exceed those standards, and then the final testing and processing occurs in Utah, so its U.S. made.

At this point at least 20% of the fish oil consumed in the U.S. comes from China, which is where it is suspected fish oil that failed purity tests earlier this year originated, leading to so many companies missing the boat on purity and processing. Odds are it all came from the same place, which is why it all failed in the same areas.

Sadly and currently, Chinese importers continue to have problems with toxins, contaminants, heavy metals and even pharmaceutical contamination.

In 2008 a contaminated ingredient from China showed up in heparin, a blood-thinning medicine that was linked to 149 deaths. The previous year, dogs and cats died after eating pet food made with wheat gluten from China that apparently contained melamine, a toxic substance.

No one is inspecting Chinese fish oil factories and no one is publishing data on these products until they become toxic. Not one of the Chinese fish oil plants is a member of any of the global quality organizations either and you cannot force anyone there to open up their doors for inspection.

The Chinese export 4 billion fish oil capsules a year.

Guess where most of it goes.

Wanna ask retail giants that sell fish oil at $5 a bottle (such as Wal-Mart and Costco) where their products come from?

I know you pay more for my product. I also know where it comes from and so do you. You know what happens to it and the fact that it is scrupulously tested, meets or exceeds all standards anywhere and is taken personally by many doctors who will take nothing else, including me.

So what is good enough for you?

Trust me, only the best, Dr Dave’s Best.

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