A Personal Thank You and Best Wishes During the Holiday Flash Sales


You are still out there and you still love me, or at least my wonderful products.

I can tell you this has been an “interesting” year but with perseverance I’ve been able to really focus on the Longevity and Regeneration aspects of the supplement line.

Everything is now purpose build for that aim.

Along with it you may experience some equally wonderful “side effects” like weight loss, better creativity and clarity, faster recovery and improved athletic ability and physique.

I want to thank you for the wonderful Holiday reception and I look forward to continuing our journey to better and better health no matter what!

The Super Whole Enchilada Everything We Make bundle has really hit on continuity subscription.

Hit it now before its all gone.

Deal includes:

  • 1 Ultra Potent Fish Oil Retail $74.95
  • 1 Young Life Daily (Super Multi) Retail $53.95
  • 1 Brain Force One (Brain Formula) Retail $84.95
  • 1 Mito QE ( Mitochondria Support) Retail $59.9
  • 1 Energy Maxx X (Energizer) Yes This one is Brand Spanking New and you can be among the first to get on it! And if you calculate the savings its FREE! Normal Retail is 64.95.
  • 1 Sugar Balance Support Formula Yes Also Brand Spanking New!!!!! Designed to support healthy sugar and insulin metabolism critical to Aging Well. Retail 62.95.

I think that with the possible exception of Telomerase Formulations (that is coming soon!) this is everything you’d possible want in your fight to Stay Young and Healthy Longer.

That is in excess of $400.00 + free shipping in CONUS for the whopping discounted sales price of $299.95! <<<<<< order>>>>
And remember this price is yours from now with no increases as long as you continue your subscription.

That is cause to Celebrate!

Stay tuned for more Flash Holiday Deals and of course a little science thrown in so you will know the what’s, when’s, how’s and why’s of these critical supplement routines

With Gratitude and Celebration!

Dr Dave

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