New Product Reminder-Not Sitting Here in Limbo!

I love this week between Christmas and New Year. It’s kinda like being in Limbo. Some people are working, some are not. Big cities like the one I am in now clear out and seem quiet and peaceful. Traffic dissipates.

Small towns like the one I grew up in are in the frigid grip of winter and yet are swelling with friends and family.
2 Day USPS Priority goes from taking 5 days to 8 LOL.

Time seems to slow down and stand still as we can pause from our responsibilities and ponder the inevitable coming of the New Year.

But as much as I love this limbo feeling I am not letting any dust settle at the Longevity Edge!

For instance, right this very minute there is a deal on my newest product and one which many people have been waiting for years- Pro Life Ultra PB.

If you missed my intro email have no fear we still have some of the initial run but it is exceeding sales expectations by a huge margin. I am seeing old favorite names from the last decade mixed in with the new customers.

Jeff B, I saw you my friend!!! Mike and Cathy, LeRoy and Susan, Amy, and Dianne, Jerry, Goran, Kathlyn, John, Edgar to name but a very few of my old friends who have been with me since the early days.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and give my gratitude for your continuing faith in me and more so my products!!!!

If you haven’t joined the party you can still take advantage of the super intro sale pricing .

I know one thing for sure- whether you over indulge or not, your belly will love you for this.

Happy 2018 from a very busy Limbo Land!

Dr. Dave

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