Busy Doing Something or Busy Doing Nothing? A Guide to Creativity

This a little different email than usual but I think you will enjoy it nonetheless.

It’s basically a tale of 2 friends one who has achieved much and does not struggle, and the other who does nothing but.

In reviewing their cases, I also started to think about what it really takes to “succeed” at business and in life. One particular very successful immigrant who was a multi-millionaire by the time he was in his early 2’s came to mind.

This guy is a true workaholic and enjoys it.  I guess that is the first point.  I know successful people who are workaholics and others who are far more balanced.  I often hear that workaholics are “running away from something” they are lacking in their life.  My first observation on this is- it’s not true. Most workaholics I know are truly inspired and enriched by their “imbalance”.

The same can be said for the successful people who are more balanced.  Their routines are productive and inspire them to be efficient and enjoy the “work” aspect of their lives.

Frankly, the choice of which you are and want to be is up to you, and needs to be.  Our young millionaire example travels around the country and world giving inspirational speeches that focus on the age-old theory of winners work harder than their competitors.  I can recall reading something in a Victorian era book along those lines. I apologize for not remembering the exact author but the gist of it was that the common man who becomes uncommon does so because he is up late at night while the competition sleeps.

All I can say is I have burned a lot of midnight oil, but only when I am inspired to do so which is not every day.  As I add years to my life the inspiration has not faded one iota, but the desire to stay up late because of it has become rarer.  I understand that sleep is essential and so I never force myself to stay awake.

Here’s how to tell you are truly inspired: You are so excited about what you are doing that you do not note the passage of time.  This will often take you into the wee hours of the morning and it is 100% worth it to keep the motivational train moving.  But don’t try it on a regular basis because soon the lack of sleep will destroy your motivation and maybe other things!

Again, speaking personally, the best way I can describe my life and my energies is “fractal” (not to be confused with fractile which mean fractional!).  My over simplified definition of fractal as it applies to my life and creativity is “Wave like”. This implies repetitive peaks and troughs. Periods of intensity and periods of recovery.

I create.

I rest.

I play.

I create again.

Honestly, I have spent decades trying to be a workaholic and back in the day when I had one of the busiest internal medicine practices in town I succeeded.

But my natural, best feeling flow is “Wave Like”.

Health and Longevity tip number 1 for today is: identify your most fun, most effective work style and mine it for all its worth. If you are a workaholic, be so. If you are an intermittent fractal creator like me, be so.  But don’t buy into the “success philosophy” of someone else!

Ok back to my two friends.  One is incredibly successful and self-actualized. He made his name, reputation, and millions as a result of inspiration, hard work, and good fortune.

My other friend is a dear soul who is a workaholic. He is always on the phone and constantly interrupts what he is doing with you, me, or anyone else, because he “has to get this one call”! Problem is there is not distinction or priority.  You never have “him”.

He “works” harder than anyone else I know.  But he gets no success and really gets almost nothing done.  If we go back to the old Steven Covey tenants he is always in Quadrant 1 Urgent and Immediate.

More succinctly, he is too busy working to get rich or succeed. I am sure he will wind up divorced or held in contempt by his long-suffering wife.

Here is something else I am 100% certain of.  My successful friend is reading this right now as you are and will probably send me a text or email comment. He may even forward it to people he is coaching. My ne’re do well friends is far “too busy’ to read it and even if he did he would not know it’s about him!

Is that success?

Now here is the real kicker.  I consider myself successful in many ways because I have chosen a life style and I live it.  Ultimately anything that threatens that life style will fall by the way side because I HAVE worked too hard to get it. But my style and the style of my successful friend required something no self-help guru or success coach will ever say!


No one who “sells success” will ever ever ever tell you you need luck.  They will always tell you old/new, Napoleon Hill/Abraham Hicks adage: You can be or do or have anything you want.

In Napoleon Hill’s world, you “made luck” be working hard and being prepared so that when it finds you, you are ready.  Hicks offers you an easier more metaphysical approach that equates to “Don’t worry be happy and you’ll get lucky!”

Honestly, I don’t know or care who is “right” but I will simply say this.  Fortune and Chance do indeed favor the prepared!

Maybe even more importantly- You and I have been lucky many more times than we even realize!!!!

I have put at least half a dozen killer opportunities in front of my ne’re do well friend. Though he is a great guy how many more do you think I will put in front of him?

Almost all of us have had tremendous opportunities that we did not utilize myself included. The good news is they NEVER stop coming, at least in this country!  But you can CHASE THEM AWAY out of negativity, ignorance, ego or stupidity! A very recent event in my life illustrates people who were given the keys to the kingdom and out a combination of all of the above screwed the pooch!

Health Longevity and Success Tip #2: If you are aware, you will never run out of amazing luck and opportunities to improve your life and the ones you love.

I am sorry if you found this email strange and out of place maybe even offensive. But health and longevity is also predicated on passion, drive, joy and fun.

I hope this information helps you live a longer, healthier, more joyous life.

As for me, its creation time!

“A reactive life know no proactivity!”*



*Dr Dave 2017 lol! I put this here because I just read an email with the exact title and 95% of the words I wrote a year or so ago.  Some people seem to forget where things originate!

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