Day 5 of the Super Sale- Get Back Your Hair!

But not gone tomorrow!

I have, with the help of some dear friends in the stem cell field developed a formula that has helped me personally fight the dreaded hair thinning and hair loss I have been experiencing since I was young.

There is no question in my mind I have more hair now – thicker faster growing hair than in the past 25 years.  And, I am no longer afraid of going bald anytime soon.

Thanks to over 2 years of experimentation and development The Amazing Exosome Based Hair Serum that so many people loved is at the lowest price since we launched it! Check out some of the results here!

This was a giant break through if you remember the old stuff that worked but needed to be shipped frozen, kept in the fridge and petered out in 30 days.

Today this incredible discovery and biotech break through is on sale. But not for long- only as long as supplies last!

Order now and your new ‘do is in the works!

Happy Holidays,

Dr Dave

Remember! if you store it in the fridge, it is stable for up to 6 months. Always shake well before applying and remember its now in a 125cc bottle (much larger then before!) so you can use it liberally on your whole scalp! A single bottle is typically a 2 month supply!

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