This Weekend’s Holiday Specials!

First off keep your eyes glued to the daily emails because the Breaking the Chains (Part 3) mentorship is coming very soon!!! You will not want to miss this program especially if you are one of the many who missed out on the first 2! This program will be totally new, different, more convenient and less expensive, all things you’ve asked for since the beginning.

Those of you in the original groups will of course get access to this material as well as all of the special restricted secret info I’ve been feeding you over the past months!

If you are not in either of the original programs don’t fret- You will get A LOT from this and it’s easier and more convenient. Did I mention it is significantly less expensive!?

Access is still time sensitive and limited numbers will be admitted so check the next batch of dailys!

Now back to the present: I decided to do something a little different this weekend and keep everything we’ve offered so far on sale. Stuff has been super popular this year probably because of the threat of health issues we all face and of course the continued fears of debilitating illness!

But that is NOT how I want you to think, and certainly not how I think! So, in order to give those folks who missed out here is what is on sale at the best prices of the year this weekend

Sugar Balance Support Formula

Toco Q

Sweet Sleep

Immune Booster 2.0

Hair Growth Serum with Exosomes

I hope you are gearing up for the Holidays! I sure am so I’m sending you Holiday Cheer and Excitement!!!

And… don’t forget to kick off the New Year right by watching for the Coaching Program Announcement!

Yours in the Best Health, Joy and Good Fortune!!!

Dr Dave

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