Just In Time For The Holidays!

I’m so excited to show you are Brand New Gift Sets just in time for the holidays!

I’d love to tell you this was all my idea but it’s actually the brain child of a few different groups of people.

First of all, YOU! That’s right we’ve gotten so many requests for Gift Packs for Holidays and Special Occasions we simply couldn’t ignore the great ideas you gave us!!!

Next, I have some very talented people in Rachel M and Pat D who have my creative back and can make anything I want happen or convince me that it was “My Idea” and manifest it into something very special!

Thanks Guys!!!! You make me Look Good!!!

IN addition to the incredible packaging and world beating products each Gift Set contains a $25 Gift Card for that special someone to use on their next order!

As You may have guessed this Holiday Season is going to be Block Buster for both You and Me in the Best of Ways!

This is just one way we’ve decided to start a little earlier in 2020!

Have a look at all the options here! Each Gift Set is on sale to get things started!

And Stay Tuned because You will be Absolutely Blown Away by what’s in store for You in the Next Couple of Weeks.

‘Tis the Season!!!!


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