When Donuts Become Deadly

I Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will not dwell on the fear mongering messages I got over the phone telling me to stay home and “be safe”. I will say that my phone has never been part of my behavioral or is that behaviral program.

I do want to dwell more on the effects of diet on the diseases of aging and the continued unabated health morbidity and mortality of diseases that are at the very least affected by your eating choices.

Such diseases as heart disease, stroke, arthritis, diabetes and now as has been established by scientific studies the disease that is not yet recognized as such but affects all of us: aging.

The term ultra-processed foods refers primarily to packaged foods in the main. These do not contain much real nutritional value if any and are almost completely made of artificial or heavily modified ingredients.

Believe it or not 70% of packaged foods in America fit this description in spite of the labeling. And worse 80% of Americans get most of their calories from this type of food!

Figuring heavily in these ultra-processed foods are carb-based breads, pastries beverages with ingredients like synthetic fats, inflammatory Omega 6’s and the most useless form of vitamin enrichments if any. Artificial flavors, protein isolates colorings and emulsifiers figure heavily.

This is exactly the type of food that flies off the shelves over the Holidays even in “healthy” homes!

According to a recent study presented at the European and International Conference on Obesity, those who regularly consume ultra-processed foods nearly double that rate at which their body ages!

The higher the consumption of these foods the shorter and shorter the telomere length was. This was correlated into Biologic Age as measured by telomere length.

This is the first study I know of (with just shy of 1000 participants) that showed just how bad certain foods can be in direct fashion, not just for your health but for how fast you can age.

I have been taking and making products to prevent this accelerated aging for almost 20 years now.

Telokynase is my purpose build telomerase activator.

The Immortality Edge Packs are the anti-oxidant support for the inflammatory aspects of telomere loss and aging.

As a keto guy I don’t eat these kinds of foods. But believe me I watched most of my relatives indulge. The problem then becomes it doesn’t stop at Thanksgiving, but continues for many months with the attendant weight gain and habitual eating!

With all of the other issues such as a stronger immune system this yet another way you can help yourself, declare your independence and be healthier!!!

This kind of help and tending to your health is just as important as wearing a mask! If you believe the real statistics – it is far more important.

Dr Dave

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