Only to Rise

I have been feeling a “vibe” for quite some time now. You might call me “sensitive” to energies and one of the vibes I’ve been feeling is that this whole mess is really an incredible opportunity for each of us to reconnect with who we are and what we want.

After all – If our lives and our decisions are contingent upon circumstances, then everything we are and do is conditional.

No! This is where you can see yourself in the mirror no holds barred. How do you spend your time? What thoughts do you think in repetitive fashion. How dependent are you on external circumstances for internal validation?

And finally, in a very real sense, “What is your life worth!” I actually asked that question at a Longevity Now conference back in 2011. People actually answered too! Here was a smattering: 1000 dollars, 100,000 dollars, 1 million dollars, and of course priceless!

The issue really boils down to this: how much control do you have over your life and what is your mission. Because “worth” is not defined by us, but the service we give to our fellow man – and yes that is a DD quote!

My mission is simple: to alleviate the suffering associated with the aging process and to meaningfully extend human life span and health span. Ideally, we would get to wake up dead one day (a long, long time from now) without a whole lot of decline in how we live!

As you can see, I am talking as if we have a future. Ironically so is the stoopid mouthpiece we know as the news media. But don’t worry they are not ready for good news yet even if you are. After all they continue to put in the phrase “first wave” as if we are absolutely certain there will be another.

I am all for protecting yourself since it costs little and covers the “what if” aspect of things. But here is what I have to wonder. Do the people who run our health care system really think there are only 600,000+ cases of Covid? We have at least 32 million with viral influenza in the US alone and that is an underestimate.

So what is the good news? Immunity. You are taking care of yourself, protecting yourself and your immune system very well may have already “seen” this virus. Bottom line is it looks like everyone on my list is in the 97% that don’t get really sick bracket.

Still of course take care of yourself and the ones you love. Remember all the cool homemade stuff on my Instagram account. Remember it especially since so much of what we put on our skin to protect it, clean it and beautify it is toxic. There is no question toxic exposure has gone up what with people slathering themselves with all kinds on chemical cleansers and inhaling the same!

But you have been empowered, given other options and beaten the curve.

So, help me raise the vibe!!! I will be focusing more and more on turning the mentality of this chaos around and getting you to see just how much amazing can come out of this human tragedy.

Its always Yin and Yang.

Oh yeah, speaking of Yang I know some of you are “reconnecting” more with your loved ones during social isolation.

I wish you bliss!

And no pun intended here viz a viz the above, when you fall you can always rise! We were put here only to RISE!

Dr Dave

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