They actually got Volunteers for this One!

I’ve mentioned to you the incredible role of the Immune System in everything that is going on right now with the viral pandemic. We are about to post another incredible podcast with another Dr Dave super star guest who is actually in the front lines of saving lives.

There was limited time so we limited it to the current topic but the bottom line is that healthy aging, wellness, recovery and protection from the next wave of anything is dependent on a healthy immune system. Specifically, the CD subsets 4 and 8/28 + and -. These are master regulators of aging, immunity and repair and strike the balance between inactive and active immune systems as well as those that are likely to be “ambushed” by Covid, influenza and other upper respiratory viruses that can go “systemic” and kill people numerous ways

It is not dependent on ridiculously expensive medical masturbation like monoclonal antibody drugs. Especially when the general population will probably do just as well on fish oil and essential oils.

There are many ways to boost immunity that are also not drug and vaccine centric.

Today I wanted to remind you about what I said before Telokynase sold out . The Immune system in homeostasis is the key to everything! And a huge key to that system is the presence or absence of oxidation in your system, the expression of inflammatory genes (epigenome) and hugely telomere length.

This is why I continue to offer the Immortality Edge Packs at buy 2 get one free. Again I wish I could tell you I was smart enough to anticipate everything that happened here and that is reason why we had several thousand Immortality Edge Packs this time last year. It is frankly dumb luck and like so many of our other products the stock on this one is getting very low.

But if you missed the other stuff or you just want to do everything you can like I do you can still take advantage before we go on inevitable back order for this.

And now for a little science and they actually got volunteers for this study. A couple dozen people volunteered to be infected with Rhinovirus- another one of the upper respiratory viruses that are circulating right now and throughout both flu and Covid season. The researchers assessed telomere length before they infected the patients.

What they found was exactly what I am telling you: longer telomeres confer increased resistance to these viral infections. The difference between longest and shortest telomere lengths was over 30% in risk of infection and clinical illness. Now remember back to the emails a few weeks ago on why the sick and elderly die so much more frequently than the young and healthy and you will remember the words “immunosenescense” and shorter telomeres!

And now another prediction: watch for more science of this type to slowly trickle out and become part of the current medical thinking. Watch for the famous “thought leader” doctors you know and love out there who write all the cool self-help books on managing your thoughts to jump on this as well.

But you don’t have to wait.

Spread the word not the Virus!!!!

Dr Dave

Reference: . 2013 Feb 20;309(7):699-705.

doi: 10.1001/jama.2013.613.

Association Between Telomere Length and Experimentally Induced Upper Respiratory Viral Infection in Healthy Adults

Cohen  1 Janicki-Deverts Turner,

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