Just Coincidence?!

I just today saw a clinical trial is planned in the U.K. using Fish oil (EPA and DHA) to treat Covid’s cytokine storm.

Geez I didn’t know better I’d say someone’s been reading my emails!

But of course, that is impossible. Why would anyone listen to a guy who has been pointing out what BS this whole thing is since the first week in February. And worse empowering his followers to do something about it and protect their loved ones.

Why would anyone listen to a guy who, in spite of numerous warnings from the gods of the CDC and other influential doctors that “this virus is very very different than flu so don’t you dare compare it!” did exactly that.

Why would anyone listen to a guy who says stuff like “BS and Fear are on all sides. The more people are sure they know the TRUTH and try to convince you, the more likely they are to be part of the problem (control, narcissism and hubris).

No this has to just be a coincidence.

It’s amazing how many coincidences occur in my life and how few people understand the deeper meanings. Even worse those who know but out of fear and safety continue to buy a bunch of BS from the media and in their own lives.

C’est la Vie! I gave up trying to save people who do not want to be saved.

For you however, my friends, readers and patients, there is truth and knowledge! It comes from your intellect, your decision making and then your observation that what you’ve been told will work actually does!

It lives here. We’ve down to just filling the existing subscription orders, but it should be back in stock in a few weeks!

But that is also just coincidence!

Spread the Word not the Virus!

I got your back!


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