The Last Time I did this the Product was gone in 8 Hours!

New Product Release – Is Hair Today!!! For those of you who were fortunate enough to get some of the original batch here is the link because you already know it works!!

Same holds true for those of you who already know you want to try my amazing hair solution and not risk a stock out!

For anyone else who’s come on board since and doesn’t know the story, here it is:

Two and half years ago I released a revolutionary product that received rave reviews form the 50 or so lucky people who got to use it. It grew their hair back! In some cases, it worked on people who had been bald for years growing back fine vellus hair on areas of a completely bald pate.

It helped fill in thinning areas and receding hair lines.

It allowed men and women who were losing their hair and eyebrows to extend the life of their hair and in many cases thicken it with new hair*

Many of them are still evidencing some of the hair they grew back (even though this was over a year ago they got to use this!).

With that statement you should infer there is a Big BUT…

The Big But is that we only made one batch and most people bought 3 or 4 months’ worth – understanding that it takes at least 2 months of regular continued use to show results.

This meant that the very limited supply SOLD OUT. In 8 hours to be exact.

Now couple that with the following: The cost of express overnight shipping in specially made liner boxes custom made by yours truly was very high – it was summer and the solution had to be shipped frozen and kept frozen until use- it was extremely hard to produce because it relied on cell factors to produce the stem cells and scientists to go through a lengthy extraction and purification process to acquire the exosomes (the cell signaling growth factors produced by stem cells).

The bottom line is that while the wonderful results were proof of concept that a topical (non injected) exosome based hair growth solution worked in the eyes of those who used it including me, it was not feasible for larger production.

The big issue was improving the volume and production of the exosomes and then making them stable at room temperature.

I have been working on that since August of 2018 and it is finally here, tested and ready for wider distribution. The crowning achievement was “nano particulation using our now patented process (yes, that patenting was also part of the hold up!).

The result is an effective stable at room temperature (for at least 3 months) topical (applied directly to the skin, not injected) solution that does not need to be frozen during shipping and is not degraded below 86F and can still be frozen if need be and thawed later.

I know that is a mouthful but here are the key points:

  1. We are selling it in a minimum 2 month supply because realistically that allows for generous usage saturating the scalp in total instead of having to apply just to affected areas! After all who doesn’t want more hair on their head. For the record the original solution was $330.00 for 30 cc. The current pricing is introductory but the bottles are a whopping 125 cc (a single bottle is a 2 month supply!). This is the result of the 2.5 years not being spent just on developing the patented nanoparticulation but in streamlining the exosome process as well. In short, we are out of the “experimental stage” and ready for big lot production!
  2. It can be left out at room temp (86F or below) and remains active and stable.
  3. You still need to shake gently but well before each use! You may see the nano particle layer separate out so just turn the bottle up and down and shake gently to reintegrate it.
  4. It can be used 2x a day if desired- again because we are giving you much more for pretty much the same price!
  5. We cannot anticipate production or supply issues with the current Covid situation and as you may know or have experienced with other products and industries, the situation is volatile. As always, we will take care of Continuity/Subscription customers to the point of depleting our own personal stock if need be!
  6. Two bottles should last the requisite 3+ months for you to start seeing pleasing results in growth and thickness of your hair.
  7. We are coming out with a dedicated eyebrow solution in the next few months or so but in the meantime our current solution will work there as well. Of course avoid getting it in your eyes!
  8. It will not grow hairy palms and causes minimal if any additional growth of body hair (volar aspect of the hands, on the back or chest or face etc.) but I still recommend you wash your hands after applying it liberally (but massage gently new hair is fragile!!)
  9. I cannot claim it will reduce gray hair but some of our testers say it has. Others have noted that the hair emerging from graying sites is the original natural color of their hair but as it grows longer begins to gray again. I am unable to explain that phenomenon completely but it has been noticed.

This is my newest and one of the most amazing discoveries and refinements of product I have ever made. It can be a true cosmetic wonder but it does take time.

  1. While this product does not need to be refrigerated I do recommend that you store the unused bottle(s) in the fridge for a shelf life in excess of one year! You can keep the bottle you are currently using at room temp- just remember to invert and or shake it gently a few times each time before you apply it.

So. Don’t Delay!!! Prices will go up!

Take Advantage of the introductory supply and pricing and stock up NOW!


*Keep in mind that the FDA has approved some hair growth solutions containing minoxidil for receding hair lines and possibly for male pattern baldness. Your results may vary with my solution and it is NOT FDA approved for hair loss. I am simply telling you what I have seen and I can and will show pictures of some of the test subjects (as I did for the original solution) but again this is NOT and FDA approved medically sanctioned hair growth treatment with dedicated skin and scalp biopsies etc.

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