The Problem with Excellence

Ultra Potent Fish Oil Back In Stcok!

We do everything to my specific requirements. And we require and insist on everything the best and tested to the nth degree to guarantee it’s the best for me and you.

Unfortunately, this means that standard operating procedure affects us much more severely than someone who simply buys a pre-existing product and puts their “white label” on it.

Thus, the bad news comes in the form of the infamous “rolling deadline” that I prophetically alluded to in all of my updates on the status of Fish Oil.

It should have been here last week – or rather, it originally was to be here months ago. Last week we we told of a ‘bottle cap shortage’- so instead of mid march as we were “promised” its now the end of April at best. We have scavenged our personal stock to abate this for at least those of you on subscriptions, but there is absolutely nothing we can do except make you this offer. NO matter how much you are waiting for we will send you some free product dependent on how much you are actually waiting for as a reward for you continued patience.

I am not unaware of the honor my friends and customers do me by waiting and I want you to understand that I am doing everything possible to alleviate this situation but at this point waiting is inevitable no matter what I do.

To EVERYONE waiting, there will be something free included with your shipment when we do finally get the Fish Oil back in stock and are able to send out your orders.

I understand the disappointment and I suspect you can feel mine. I don’t use the word crest fallen lightly, but honestly, I am more furious than anything since I have made my stance on the default excuse of “Due to the Covid Crisis” very clear in the past. Un fing excusable.

But that is the “balancing act of life” no?

And don’t forget there has been some amazing new products that we do have some of which I have actually hand carried from far and wide to assure there is enough to meet the demand.

I will continue to work for you, am honored by your devotion and understanding that what I do is uncopiable anywhere by anyone.

That is my long standing premise to you!

To all of my amazing customers, my friends and supporters, thank you so very much for your patience while we work through this!

Dr Dave

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