Do we Have 3 Brains?

The concept of men having 2 brains has been advanced, often by the fairer sex for quite some time now.

But from a purely scientific point of view we may actually have 3 brains.

The gut-brain axis has been established as a real thing lately and not surprisingly something that has directly to do with how well you age!

This started with scientists and clinicians noticing that certain diseases of the aging brain like Parkinson’s have GI (gastrointestinal e.g. gut) based symptoms before the psycho motor such as dementia and slow movements occur.

As you might guess there is at the center of all of these brain based (and many other systems like the heart and liver) a huge component of inflammation or of damaged immune function.

Last week I mentioned this may be at the heart of why sick older people are so often the victims of Covid . And more recently I introduced you to the concept of general inflammation in the body being related to the health of your gut microbiome (see blog/email What’s Bugging You).

Well maybe not so surprisingly the inflammatory signals generated by a dysbiotic guy (wrong mix of bugs!) can and do reach the brain affecting the microglial cells which are known as the “immune system” of the brain.

Its likely those signals are the very same short chain fatty acids (think of them as fats that act like peptides do in terms of signaling) that determine how well your mitochondrial powerhouses work and how many calories you actually do see metabolically, also directly work on cells in your brains immune system. Again note the connection with inflammation: brain and body!

Now that is a lot of sciency stuff for one day but here is the punch line(s)!

  1. Diet is vastly underrated in its importance to health and aging. Not just because of its direct effects on nutrition but because of its direct effect on the microbiome gut bacteria and the signaling molecules they create-healthy or un healthy
  2. Aging will be found to be directly involved with all of the above at the level of your gut bacteria.
  3. You can take all the awesome fish oil and Telokynase you want but without a healthy microbiome, you are shooting yourself in the foot, or maybe worse, the gut!
  4. Pro Life PB is my specially formulated pre and pro biotic containing all the healthy gut populating colonies you need to help regulate and support your microbime.

Don’t neglect this emerging breaking news for your health! Get some now and do what I do- take it every day! That way you can feed the 3rd Brain!

Dr Dave

P.S. Expect to see non scientist non doctor “gurus” (the usual suspects) jumping on this soon. It’s huge news, very helpful and we need everyone to spread the word!!!

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