New Product Announcement!!!

It happened quietly and without much fanfare…until now!!!

But it happened none the less and now is the time for the trumpets to blow!

Every since the days of the peptide based RG cell I used to sell I’ve been looking for a self-designed stem cell growth factor containing self-designed stem cell exosomes in a room temp stable format.

Well, once we perfected it in our hair growth serum which was no mean feat, we were able to apply the technology to our skin serum as well.
But I decided to start from bottom up and redesign it now.

The old one was great and but it had more of a “lotion” feel to it. And we did have to doctor out a few ingredients and replace them with non-sun sensitizing bits (the new serum also does not provide any sunscreen protection so if you use that – add it afterward!).

But it does give you the same collagen and elastin stimulating punch as the old one at an even higher level since we perfected the exosomal deliver earlier this year.

Now I won’t say I will not some day improve it, but it’s so cutting edge in terms of firming your skin and making it look younger its going to be a good while before it’s copied and needs a rework. A long while!

So, it’s here now and get it while its hot both as a new fast selling product and as in temperature because it’s room temp stable and it comes in the same big bottle as the Hair Growth serum so you can use it with impunity for quite some time.

It does not need refrigeration but do shake well by gently inverting the bottle several times as the exosomes are nano particulated and tend to settle out to the bottom. I use it 2x a day and even though I do not have great skin, I’ve been getting compliments all of a sudden.
Keep the Skin Serum in your bathroom and make it a morning and night, wake up and bedtime daily!

And in typical launch fashion, it’s the lowest price it’ll ever be right now!

When your skin looks Young, so do You!


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