Making the Best of What’s Still Around

The old Police (Sting and company) song goes “When the World is Running Down, You make the Best of What’s Still Around!

Ironically that song was written in 1980. I doubt they had any inkling how prophetic it would become.

Like it or not you are forcibly being coerced into believing that Covid 19 is the worst thing that has happened in human history. As a matter of fact, if you are going along with the agenda then everything prior to Covid is meaningless and unimportant and only this virus defines your current state and your future.

Nothing prior to Covid was important – not 2 world wars not assassinations kingdoms, queendoms, not terrorist attacks, not financial manipulations to steal the wealth of the people and put it into the hands of the few. None of this matters because it was before Covid.

Sadly, many people are falling for it although the current dropping off the cliff in vaccination numbers suggests people maybe a little more skeptical than “they” were hoping. Don’t worry a few pics of coffins and quotes by people on their deathbed saying “I wish I had gotten the jab!” will do wonders to reinstill fear in the hearts and minds of those ever so fickle people who just refuse to follow orders!

ON that topic I want to promise you this: If I am dying of Covid or anything else for that matter my last words will not be “I wish I had the jab”. I will be telling people I love that I love them and asking for forgiveness from anyone I may have wronged. I sure as shit will not be saying I wish I got the vaccine!!!!

Somehow I find that particular headline extremely hard to believe!!!

Having had both the original Covid and now the Delta Variant I can say this from experience! And yes I did recover as do 97% of people that get the “virus”. As a matter of fact while it did put a dent in my famous stamina and energy levels, it was short lived. It pays to take care of your Immune System !

But things have most definitely changed and its helped me focus on some things going forward.

First is the coaching program which has been revamped and updated. You’ll keep hearing about it as we get closer to September but I have changed focus to include dealing with the elephant in the room – the PTSD that has been caused by Covid and the undermining of societal, financial and moral norms that we are all supposed to just accept. There is no denying it’s traumatized a lot of people and caused them to stop living their lives!

Fighting Covid means a lot more than not getting sick – it means fighting the negative effects of your psyche and your life and your fitness and your thinking. As a champion of that line of coaching I promise you the new programs will include ways to buffer yourself from the uncertainties and vagaries of the “new normal” while helping you to grab, use and benefit from what’s left of the old normal!

I’ll help you change what needs to change and avoid the nonsense that follows what “they” say you should do without question.

Along those lines I’ve also bolstered development of another iteration of Telokynase and the Immortality Edge Packs as well. After all I am always moving forward and improving so have a look at either or both if you haven’t yet done so.

Each of them can play a pivotal role in telomere health and thus your immune system and its ability to deal with new challenges.

Finally, just a heads up. We were just informed that the cost of Pine Pollen, the major ingredient in Super Male Maxx has gone through the roof “due to the covid crisis-of course”. It will not be sustainable at a reasonable price so once this batch is gone I will be discontinuing that product. It’s unfortunate because it is an amazing product I know I’ll personally miss right there along with you. I would normally say “until things return to normal” but there is absolutely no reason why big business is going to get rid of being able to charge up front, lie about deadlines, create nonsensical shortages like bottle caps all the while sitting on huge amounts of money that you have to pay them up front and deal with their right to ignore your requests for valid updates.

Nope that is not going to change, probably ever. But again, there are work arounds and ways you can outsmart the powers that be while still maintaining your freedom and independence!

Get ready to learn how and in the meantime, NOTHING is more important than your health and your ability to roll with the punches because there are surely more coming.

Remember Knowledge is Only Power if you Act on It!!!

Dr Dave

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