Newly Revealed Benefits of Ketone Supplementation

JAMA- The Journal of the American Medical Society is not exactly “supplement friendly”. As a matter of fact, they are often printing the “Fish Oil no good for…” articles. The most recent one was a sub optimal dose of fish oil added to statin drugs in people who’ve already got diagnosed heart disease. As you might have predicted there was no added benefit which got translated to “No good for”.

But I digress because this kind of thing has been going on for 2 decades since I first introduced the concept of high dose fish oil.

It was a great surprise to me that the published an article detailing the benefits of exogenous ketones (beta hydroxy butyrate as in ketogen ) and its effect on the failing heart with both normal and reduced pumping power (ejection fraction).

AS the heart gets sicker and weaker its dependence on ketone bodies for fuel increases. Eventually some genius figured out it might be beneficial to add ketones to the diet to help the sick heart recover or at least give it an easier time of dealing with its weakness.

Other studies, not focused on the heart demonstrated the benefits of ketone bodies to improve the function of blood vessel lining, mitochondria power house stress, Inflammation, Blood pressure, weight and glucose levels.

I have published several emails on the relationship to the metabolic “gate guardian” mTor which is linked to longevity and health span in many models of aging, and is blocked in a good way by intermittent fasting and keto diets.

In a real paradigm shift, no one held up this info by saying stuff they said when fish oil was brand new: Just because the active ingredients are the same as in fish doesn’t mean you get the benefits. For the most part that BS has died away. But with ketone bodies the researchers freely admit that you can use supplements.

Their main complaint was that the taste was “daunting”. I can’t argue with that but it hasn’t stopped me from taking it daily, now as much as a supplement as a “ketogenesis” aid.

And, in spite of referring to ketogenic diets as “fad” they admit the health benefits are here to stay. Go Figure. Amazing that “fad diet pop culture” can steer medical research. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will of course be a “drug” or drug drink that tastes better and is FDA approved for the treatment of heart failure.

In celebration of these “new findings” * we are running or should I say re running a special offer- buy 3 KetoGen and get a free signed hard copy of the book I wrote with my PhD colleague, Dr Zagorodna last year.

And you too can enjoy the “new” benefits of an old diet!!!

Dr Dave

*Ketotic Diets were introduced in the 1920’s to suppress childhood seizures in an era when no drugs existed. They and exogenous ketone supplementation with beta hydroxy butyrate have achieved “functional food status” in early to mid Alzheimer’s. They were repackaged by Atkins in the 70’s and borrowed from and renamed bomb proof or hack proof or bullet resistant lol in the recent decade. Each had some minor twist on the old principle which remained the same: calorie restricted high fat. There are several documented cases of advanced deadly brain cancer being relegated to a chronic livable disease. And there is the added benefit in healthy people of a 6 pack! Always follow the advice of your own physician even if they have not bothered to learn anything about this and always give you pills. And even if they, as one recently did, say “You will never get me to believe that can be healthy!” Even if they read JAMA on a regular basis. They are your doctor and you picked them!!!

P.S. Clairvoyant meter is buzzing and tells me we should look for “Ketogenic diets and Covid!” or at least a positive effect on viral immunity! “Til then, use your best judgment and listen to your personal physician!

Ref: Jama July 6 vol 28.1

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  1. Hi Dr Dave,
    My friend Kris Kartsotis (his wife Betsy’s been my BFF since high school) recommended your product line & especially the fish oil for my inflammation& painful joints. Kris said your fish oil changed his life because of his debilitating migraines.
    Couldn’t wait to start the regimen.
    Been taking since the fish oil since available in June & I also ordered brain booster. Love both products. Look forward to living pain free.
    Thanks & keep up the live changing progress for us all.
    Marci Flail

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