How to Program a Human Being to Think Whatever You Want!

You know me as an inventor, a scientist and an anti-aging doc.

But there is more to this picture than meets the eye,

In all my years of practice the one thing that made me good at what I do is the ability to understand human behavior, including my own.

I have gotten a “lesson” or as I prefer, experiences in the past 4 years that have taught me things I did not know. And I saw things I was hitherto blinded to.

Learning them was painful, shocking and at times heart breaking, but as they say fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

As a result of realizing that in many ways I was still a babe in the woods I began to tackle aspects of the human psyche that were heretofore hidden to me. In the process I was at times horrified to realize how easy it was to fool me on certain topics. Raised as an empath who believes the best in people, it was a struggle to see how vile some people can be without batting an eye.

Equally shocking was the complete lack of self-awareness, accountability, and grandiosity that developmentally damaged people actually have. You would call them evil; they would believe themselves to be good. This by the way is how our politicians can be so comfortable lying.

They are not lying in their own reality.

It’s that bad lol! Imagine how easy it would be to feel good about yourself and be your own best friend if you had no conscience, no guilt, no remorse, no empathy, no compassion, no love, but could effectively mimic those qualities by studying appropriate behaviors.

You would be a shape shifter, a chameleon and a wolf in sheep’s clothing even if you were totally non violent! You would be a skilled mimic of normal behavior and subsume those qualities from the normal people around you who never imagine who and what you are. Such people do exist and there are more of them than ever due to Social Media and Herd Mentality.

Once I figured all that out and figured out my own faults and role in being targeted I started to look at the bigger picture.

I started to actually believe some of the conspiracy theories I used to laugh at while making fun of the lost crazy people who actually believed them.

You and I are not that different you see. We are all subject to programming on many levels. Some of it is good and needed for survival. Others not so good.

I have mentioned several tactics before including fear and herd mentality. On a medical forum the other day I was shocked to see how many docs came out and questioned the reality of what we have been told/sold over the past few years. Too late my dear colleagues, you should have stood with me in Feb 2020.

Ironically there are still many who believe that science will save us and that in the words of John Kay “All will pay who disagree with me!” That was from a song written by Kay and his band Steppenwolf in 1968. It was about the injustice of prosecuting people who were using recreational pot.

I was a fan of Steppenwolf but not a fan of pot. And yet in irony of ironies Kay’s words proved prophetic now when so many states have legalized marijuana or at least decriminalized possession of small amounts. Imagine the lives that were ruined back in the day. All the people who should have apologized are dead or smoking medical weed for the aches and pains of their advanced age lol!

In regards to the viral situation we are seeing something similar but the people who should apologize are still making lot’s of money so don’t hold your breath!

OK back to programming. Fear and Herd Mentality work because of “amygdala hijack” * and social validation.

If you want an example of Social Validation just look at Social Media and apply the rules of behavioral conformity and you will see it in almost all aspects including the seemingly mindless migration of one platform to another.

Fear is a far more potent animal. As is anger, righteousness and ego gratification

But let’s stick with fear.

The amygdala is a part of the “old brain” if you believe in Evolution. It is the emotional response center where instincts live including the self-preservation instinct. The cortex and “neo”cortex (as in Keanu Reeves in the Matrix) is where logic and reason live. This is at least part of what makes you human and not an animal. If you want to program people, bypass the cortex and go right to the limbic amygdala. There will be no reasoning with them then and with their perception that their life is being threatened, they will behave like animals and be totally irrational. The perception of the threat is massively distorted and disproportional to the actual threat if there is one.

A disagreement becomes a matter of life and death in their minds and it cannot be tolerated without an aggressive response.

We are all subject to this but never in my life have I seen the media use this tactic to so great an effect and get people to forget to ask the following questions:

  1. Who benefits (50 billion is not chump change)
  2. Why now and not sooner or later. (Why not January ’22?)
  3. Where does the money lead (Who is above allegiance to a nation and a people and the laws that govern them)
  4. If there seems to be illogical destructive policy, who did they make a deal with and what do they get from it. ( Another term in congress even if their party lost the overall vote?)
  5. What is the real agenda behind this nonsense- e.g. what are they trying to hide. (Behavioral conformity and control of the masses? Among the greatest ironies is the perception of defending your rights!)

Note these are all just questions. You can and should ask your own.

We have heard the word divisive used a lot lately and people being blamed for it. I blame our media plain and simple. When people are either “for or against” something with only binary thinking and no room for listening, you are looking at amygdala hijack. The more riled up people are about things more emotional and the less logical.

Then we have programed the animals to behave or better yet misbehave the way that furthers out agenda.

If you want to save your cortex and put your amygdala in its place try this.

But warning: chronic usage can make you less programmed and more of a target!

Ask me how I know!!!

Under the radar for the moment,

Dr Dave

*I strongly recommend you get and read the book “Amygdala Hijack”!

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