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I have been coaching people for many years and I can tell you the one thing that holds most people back is their inability to quiet their own powerful, awesome and creative minds long enough to actually manifest something.

I am going to use metaphors here so hang in. You probably know the brain has many, many filters that shut out stuff. Unfortunately, in this “digital” age even people of my ancient generation 😊 have become lost in digital stimulation.

Now I do have to show my age and professional training to let you know how the meanings of things change. Literally they look to their “AI” devices for thoughts and inputs. Once again, the 3D physical world jumps in, occupies our logical minds and it’s off to the races.

The brain likes to think! The brain likes to solve problems!


The brain likes to make quantum leaps to get to solutions if there is no overlaying filter that convinces it otherwise. We will get into social programming later for those of you who join me in March for the next coaching adventure but for now just understand you can’t think clearly if you can’t stop thinking for a few moments.

Read that sentence again!

It seems ever increasingly difficult for people to be present and focus on a single task. Now there is a debate whether multi-tasking is even possible. Personally, I think it is on a very basic level like having a conversation while driving. But I often see people who are driving looking at the person they are talking to for more than an instant. I want to pop into their car and say “You do not have to look at a person who is less than 2 feet away from you! I’m sure they hear you fine.”

Back to focus. The most successful people I know have a focus on / off switch.

They can turn it on and off as needed and it does not follow them through the day.

Think about that.

Now there is a way to help this along.

It called Brain Force One and I sue it every single day!!!

I’ve always called it my Secret Weapon but its not a secret anymore!

Get some and use it daily for a few weeks and watch the on / off switch fall under your command!

Yours in Creativity!

Dr Dave

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