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In this world of inflation and shortages it’s actually a pleasure to tell you about something we have a decent supply of. I could wax long about this issue and how absolutely manufactured I think it is but I suspect if you are savvy enough to read my emails you are savvy enough to figure out what is really going on overall.

That said, we do have a fairly good supply of everything that makes up the Telomere Edge Pack Bundle and we are holding the line on pricing in spite of the increase in both raw materials and of course shipping of everything to us to get to you.

TEP Bundle contains The Immortality Edge Packs, Toco Q, and the one and only Telokynase 2.0! I have often called it a “Multi vite for your telomeres” but each and every one of those products has a bevy of anti-oxidants and putative as well as proven telomerase activators.

Since we have it and we are still waiting for Fish Oil* it seemed like a great time to put it on sale below the already discounted bundle price! This is time sensitive and of course to some degree quantity sensitive simply because who knows what is going to happen with the current supply chain during the “Putin gas hike” LOL!

This discount is unlike pretty much everything else that is happening right now, NO BS!

Please understand the following: I am responsible for everything I make and I take everything I make, I am NOT responsible for the crop of lies, obfuscations, conspiracies and overall uncertainty and fear that is being pushed on sooooooo many levels. Nor will I let my mental or physical health succumb to it!

I hope you feel the same way and will take extra special care of your health, your immune system and your sanity and take advantage of this very very helpful and healthful offer while I am able to offer it at this price.

I thank you as always for your understanding, your support and your continued dedication to what I do. I am now 2 months into piloting something very special on my self and a few others. More on that later but lets focus on NOW.

We are told by our leaders to expect more troubles, more viruses, and less fun in our lives. I have 2 things to say to them: 1 begins with an F and ends with a YOU! 2 is: I am not going to let anything or anyone destroy my health and longevity!

Now more than ever its time to focus on what is really important!

Stay strong, stay focused, stay positive…. They hate that!!!


*Fish oil is done and has been sitting at the bottlers for weeks now. Why? The bottler has no bottles and the emperor has no clothes! All of the products that go into the bottles are made and sourced in the U.S. of A so the BS that it’s all sitting in a container in Long Beach Ca is just that. We have some work arounds and if we are “allowed” to be clever and out of the box we will have it soon. I am not going to let it sit for long I promise you!!! Again, thank you for your patience and understanding. We are doing everything that can be done to outsmart the system unfortunately they don’t like that either! Get those while you can and yes, Stock Up!!!!! The shelf life is minimally 2 years.

P.S. I was recently informed that one of the more famous docs who was doing what I do packed it in and sent his customers my way for fish oil! Appreciate it but what irony!

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