Oh! Happy Day

Short version: Fish Oil is here and if you are on backorder or continuity your order should already be on the way (you can check to make sure there isn’t an issue with your order here!). The time delay is due to the huge volume of people patiently waiting for their orders!

If you are not continuity/subscription or even if you, are you may want to stock up NOW because we are not getting our full order. As a matter of fact, we are only getting a couple thousand bottles – about 1/3 of what we ordered so if you are not, or even if you are a continuity customer, you might want to sign up and grab a discounted full case as back up RIGHT NOW! Its going to go super-fast and it will be at least June until the next 1/3 comes and after that August for the final order.

I’m not sure why it needs to be divided since it was pad for last August, but this is, apparently, the New BS Normal.

Speaking of BS if you are in the mood for the trials and tribulations read on. If you just want the Best Fish Oil out there STOP HERE and ORDE.

Not sure if I gave you the skinny on our Fish Oil You may know I have been educating people on the benefits of Omega 3’s since 2002 and this product is by far the most popular overall. Back in those days the distillers, encapsulators, and bottlers loved us because we were doing something special.

As you’ll see below that is now our Achilles heel in an era of “take what you can get and shut up”!

So, You can imagine when for the second year in a row we ran into problems it was incredibly frustrating to know that the inferior off the shelf poorly purified or obfuscated labeled stuff was still out there.

But we were smart or so we thought! Our product was ordered last August ’21 in a quantity 3X greater than in 2020/21 so there could be no way we could run into the same problem as last year- an 8-month stock out!

Well, 3 weeks before it was due to us our former distiller bailed on us saying they were no longer interested in dealing with “small business” especially with all the special requirements we have.

These include a 13X molecular distillation process for concentration and purity. A 1 gram per cap special size EPA/DHA dose so we don’t have to play the “serving size game” with you. Lots of people advertise big doses on their packaging like 3+ grams but you have to take a lot more capsules to get there. In addition, you are getting less of the “other” in mine that comes along with the standard 500 or 800 mg caps.

We don’t do “White Label” or “Off the Shelf”.

Our biggest strength – our uniqueness – is also the biggest weakness because there is a tendency for the distillers/encapsulators/ bottlers etc. to go for the biggest orders that are easy first, and then look to everyone else.

I’ve never been easy or cheap!

The latest BS excuse and I say BS because you will understand it when you read the following was a different “supply chain” issue, even though all components (including bottles labels and caps) are made in the U.S. They did try the “its’ sitting in Long Beach in a container lie” but since I don’t use anything from China, I incinerated that lie without pause!

The final step is bottling and labeling at an FDA/GMP facility. Last year they couldn’t get lids for months or so they said. This year the Bottlers had no Bottles. We decided on alternate packaging and found some bottles of our own we could ship to them to alleviate their problem. They didn’t want to do that effectively stymieing our attempts to get around the problem and get you your Fish Oil.

So, we said, “OK we have another bottler send us the product and we will ship it to them!” As you might have seen shipping has gone through the roof due to the “Crisis induced gas increases”

Somehow, they magically found bottles and shipped it to us 48 hours later.

Just a coincidence of course!

Welcome to the new normal where the “Covid Crisis” and the “Putin War” are the de facto excuse for anything and everything.

And that is NOT BS!

Anywho, we navigated around the new normal and for a short time we are keeping prices down to the “old normal” level. That cannot last unfortunately (prices have skyrocketed!), and neither will this supply although as mentioned above more is due. Then again who knows what new BS will surface!

If you are on continuity/subscription your price WILL NOT go up, but the standard retail price will climb as fast as the price at the pump. There is simply no way around it but there is a short window as a thank you for all the patience you have displayed while we worked through the “new normal”.

I used to sit through writing seminars and listen to “How to create urgency in your customer base”.

I never practiced that but now it’s done for me by external sources anyway.

I want to close with a TRUTH. Notice it’s not “my” truth “your” truth or “their’ truth. As I have said many times on many venues, if people need to use a personal pronoun in front of the word TRUTH, it:

  1. Ain’t true
  2. It may be perception- contrary to the current New Age reality perception is NOT REALITY, it’s perception plain and simple! You have to put a personal pronoun in front of “reality” if you use the word perception!
  3. Or it may be part of a Façade or an out and out lie. This applies to the above situation where the bottles magically coincidentally arrived!

The Be, DO, Have anything you want mantra was shot to shit by the current reality.

BUT YOU CAN have some Control! The most important Asset you have-your Health! Here is the #1 supplement to do just that in any reality!

The Truth Will Out!” William Shakespeare- The Merchant of Venice.

Here’s to all that is good and normal in our reality!

Dr Dave

P.S. we are stock piling some bottles, lids and bags, and labels so the BS that we can anticipate will not be an issue. I cannot promise there will not be some other thing (maybe they will start hijacking fish oil trucks!) but my guess is there are a lot of big businesses making a thunderin’ herd more money jacking up the prices of all of the little things under the guise of “supply chain issues”. I don’t think those issues will go away soon because of that so STOCK UP NOW at NOW Prices.

P.P.S. RE DR Bill I have heard tell that one of my compatriots and a fish oil retailer, Dr Bill has packed it in for “reasons beyond our control” and has recommended his folks buy my fish oil. Thanks Dr Bill! I do not know the exact reasons why Dr Bill called it quits but I suspect the same BS mentioned above had something to do with it! Then again, maybe it was frustration over people not getting vaccinated which was used as the reason nurses, doctors, PA’s and other health care workers are leaving in droves! I ain’t buyin’ it!!! Because, actually the mass exodus from medicine has been going on for several years, Covid just accelerated it.

“Tough Times don’t Last, Tough People Do!” Anonymous

“Use your own brain in all things!” DD

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