Accelerants of Aging Part 3

So far in this series, I’ve covered the primary role of telomeres and mitochondrial dysfunction in aging.

Keep in mind telomere loss was considered “Irreversible” until the discovery of the telomerase enzyme and various ways to turn it on Telokynase.

Sadly, most research dollars have been shunted toward cancer, like many others. As with the previous 60 years, this is a “genetic” strategy and is bound to fail. You may have heard many “conspiracy theories” to the tune of “we have the cure for cancer; they are just hiding it.” Honestly, I don’t think we have a cure for cancer.

But so much of the focus is just flat-out wrong and guaranteed to continue the long winding road of long sickness and side effects!  It doesn’t have to be a conspiracy- it may just be the nature of where we are looking, plain and simple.

We also dug into how to help our mitochondria Toco Q survive and thrive as we gracefully age.

In the mix, we also talked about free radicals and oxidative damage. Immortality Edge Packs.

But today, I want to talk about other stressors, specifically immune stressors.

More and more data, especially about “Cvd,” shows viruses can rapidly age not just our immune system but our hearts and brains. Myocarditis is well documented, as is dementia cue to premature brain aging in some with a previous viral infection.

Also on this spectrum is generalized immune fatigue, which can occur due to stem cell aging and immune obsession.

Supporting your telomeres Telokynase is probably the single most important supplemental immune booster you can get. A stressed immune system forces immune cells to replicate rapidly and accelerates telomere loss.

Everything counts!

Choose well and understand we ARE living in a time when you can impact both life span and health span.

But be careful who you listen to!!!

Dr. Dave

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