I Trust the Internet More than I Trust TV?

Recently the finger has been pointed at the “media” for dividing the nation. One politician made the title statement: I trust the internet more than I trust TV!

Frankly I think that is ludicrous!  The internet is just as biased and has engaged in hiding facts, boosting some headlines and just plain censorship in spite of the Constitution.

I don’t trust either. Its like one vitamin giant says in their ads: “Trusted Source”. Yeah, right because you say so.

I can simply tell you I trust myself because I have seen, done, and achieved things that are remarkable “for my age” at ANY age. I test everything including my products scrupulously and I take many if not all every single day.

I also do my own research, in my own lab, with the help of my own scientists. I consult with other experts in the field when need be and I provide that service to them as well. I also do extensive research on the various medical data bases and keep my ear tuned to the changing pulse of the field.

But I do not just jump on one or two rat studies and try to be the first with something although, when I create my own like Telokynase, I am the one and only.

I don’t dress my products up in fancy livery and boxes to justify my pricing. I am comfortable with the hard work and quality I put in and don’t need to hide behind fancy woo woo names, cult followings or mystical packaging.

That’s fine by me!

Now here’s a secret: I invented them to solve MY problems. But guess what. You and I have a lot in common. I’ve often said I would do what I do even if I only had one person counting on me. That one person could be ME!

You could call me self centered but anyone who knows me would never call me selfish!

Just so, I am thankful there are thousands who want to share my experience, especially in this IG ad laden sizzle not steak prioritized, “influencer” based society we seem to have accepted without question.

Sometimes what’s old and not sexy but proven works far better. But its not likely to get your attention unless you are actually focused!

One of my best (and continuously best) selling products is the Daily Dose Pack. It sells because it has everything you need on a daily basis… my amazing multi, Toc Q for your mitochondria and of course my world class fish oil all in one discounted package.

If you don’t want to wonder or worry about getting what you need, and are not into the deep dive of anti-aging this would suit you perfectly.

And of course, if you are a biohacker or anti-aging devotee it is designed for that purpose above and beyond everything else. It just so happens we all should be starting at the same base; healthy lifestyle and healthy nutritional supplementation no matter what.

I know its not cool not to be a social media star.  I know its not cool to be someone who has been around for a long time. I know its not cool not to have a bunch of paid endorsements by formerly famous people. But it is cool to be able to do more than you could 20-30 years ago with no sign of slowing down!

That my friend is referred to as “steak not sizzle”.

You can pay for sizzle, or you can have steak for dinner (or if you are following the current herd agenda some form of “not meat steak!”).

You decide.

Standing by my word and my work for over 20 years,

Dr Dave

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